8 team league "less interesting"?

I don't really agree, probably for the first time, with Bob Young, owner of the Cats where he says in an article in the Toronto Star that an 8 team league would be less interesting. I know myself I prefer the old 6 team NHL compared to the whatever it is now league, I don't know all the players and you only see the other teams occasionally. I find it hard to follow.
Now I don't want Ottawa to fold and think that this isn't positive for sure, but less interesting, not for this guy I don't think, maybe for the sponsors and some other fans perhaps.

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I just dont want to see BB's in the Eastern Conf.

I dont think it makes a difference, I would rather see 9 or 10 but if its only 8 then so be it.

Ya I agree with maux, I don't want the Bombers in the East, Then who are the Riders gonna finish ahead of?

i agree with bob, that 8 teams would be less interesting....but that doesnt mean the 9th has to be in ottawa!...move Gades to QC and expand to Halifax.

an 8 team league and the Bombers in the East isn’t so bad (especially since the BB dominated most of the time they were there), but a 10 team league and the Bombers in the west (unfortunaly, I hate the West) is better.

KK what the hell are you talking about Winnipeg is a western town and the BB's belong in the west this has to do with much more than football in my eyes. SO by extention the BB's belong in the west and to argue it is crazy. maybe you should read a few more web pages regarding your favorite city.

I know, but I liked it when they played in the East, but that shouldn’t happen now or ever again. We had our fun buggering the East.

so then why do you say you 'hate' the west if you agree?

Myself, as a Cat fan, I would much prefer to have the BB in the east, they have shown there that they really get behind their team for the most part and this helps me be more excited as well rather than having a team like the Gades in the east coming to my hometown knowing that they aren't supported well, whatever the reason.

Becase I just do, I hate the color of the West logo. Needs to be Green, not red IMO. but least not go there.

why thank u Earl! we have one heck of a rivally going with you guys as well.

My CFL includes 9 teams. We gotta prop up the Gades for a new owner or to move to QC at year end.

.....hates the West because the logo is coloured "improperly".....only in KK's mind.....

I don't care what team is in which league.....an even number of teams would be nice, though.....I prefer a balanced schedule.....

Holy smokes Earl I didnt know you were so new school…For me, Manitoba is a Western province and the B’s belong in the Western Conf. Period.

BB's stay in the west...DG has spoken! ( worth a try..lol )

The colour of our conference logo is of huge importance to everyone jm02, I think you should maybe pay more attention to these types of things.

See, what teams are in what divisions, this is unimportant...what we need to emphasise to Mr Wright is that the logos are totally kickass.

I see your point Esquimaux, yes, geographically and historically of course the Bombers are a west team. But, while those are important factors, there are others such as I've mentioned. Hey, I want the BB to stay in the west for these reasons and the Gades to be successful, but I'll be damned that I'm just going to sulk and be negative if the Gades go down this year. You can always look to the negatives if you want but I will look for the positives.

.......its all about the logos.......this is of HUGE importance and can impact entire generations of fans.........it can decide the fate of teams and predetermine the outcome of entire seasons.........

Bombers in the West, nuf said.

I really don’t want to get into a issue about the logos, the league has their own, and I have my own (which I may post during the beginning of the pre season for fun), let’s leave it at that.