8-10 Riders, 8-10 Esks - Riders miss playoffs

Anyone scared yet? If the Riders can't beat Montreal, then the last game of the year in Edmonton could be the first round of the playoffs for the Riders and Esks. If the Riders go into the last game at 8-9, and the Esks going into the last week at 7-10.

That would be interesting, meaning we have to win 3 consecutive road games against Edmonton, Calgary, and BC if we want to face the eastern team in the Grey Cup. We've sure got our work cut out this year. At least in 03 and 04 the last game each year was for the home playoff game not trying to stay alive x_x

You know I hate to say it, but if this scenario did come about, likely Saskatchewan would lose, Edmonton makes the playoffs cause there is no cfl playoffs without Edmonton, and they probably would win the Grey Cup again and all the sportcasters will just all be beside themselves talking about what a cinderella season it has been for Edmonton.

My fear is that we won't win another game this season (2 vs MTL, TO and EDM) and EDM wins two to tie us and get third. I hope I am wrong. Cross over may not even be an option.

According to the Score the Riders have an 8 to 1 chance of winning the Grey Cup. The Eskies are at 48 to 1. My point is I wouldn't worry too much about the Riders missing the post-season, I'm more worried about which QB is going to be healthy for the playoffs.

I still think we are in okay shape for making the playoffs. Edmonton plays Toronto twice, Montreal and then the Riders. Toronto has been an awesome team as of late, and I would expect them to lose at least one of those games, after we beat Montreal twice in a row, the Als will be hurting for a win, which will obviously come agains the Esks.

Don't fear the Riders will be in although not likely in second place. Edmonton will miss the playoffs. I beleive that the Riders can run the table and end up 11&7. If BC sweeps Calgary second place is still not an impossibility.

Big ifs!
However, if we run the table, and BC sweeps, not only is second possible, it would be a lock.

Go lions!