7th Place????

With our win tonight and with a win next week, we will be in a points tie for 7th place. Given, that these wins are against Edmonton, means we have the series and a hold on 7th. Funny how things change so fast.

Now I know 7th means nothing, however does restore some pride.

Go cats go!!!

Doubt we will win next week but you never know. We won tonight with no input from the Offense in the second half...Worse yet we had 2 turnovers. Still managed to win. This defense is starting to look good to me. Good to see some new blood doing well, ie; Josue and Cody....Anyone notice Borham's been bang on since getting his job back....

No thanks... I want the draft pick.

Okay, Crash... who would you draft with first pick that you couldn't get with the second.

And didn't we trade a draft pick for this year for Maas? I really don't remember which one.

Were second worse..hey, were second worse..everybody...

No we still have our draft pick and Sask's pick for the 1st round. I dont know, nor do I care who we can get at 2 in the CIS draft next year... my point is, finishing last and getting the pick (and 1st on waiver wire) MAY produce something, where finishing 7th does nothing at all.

Just as an example, if the Argos fold in the off-season we would get first pick in the dispersal draft, which we could use to select Ricky Williams' CFL rights.

Like we need another running back :lol:

We could start collecting RBs, much like the Argos collect returners, or the Stampeders collect dancing fools.

Is Antonio Warren still available?

Has anyone noticed that even if we win the next game they will still have 2 games in hand? Just a question…

I hope we play well up North ,but even the Stamps couldn't win back to back with the Esks,second game being in their home Igloo and all. :wink:

we need to be last so we get the number 1 pick in the draft this year lol

There Still very Outside Chance we can make the Playoffs.

We have to run the Table
Hope Winnpeg Loses the Rest of the Way
Where Only 4 Points Out of 3rd in East and from the Crossover.

I know it a Long shot but what hell..

1 win and we are talking about seventh, some are even talking about making the playoffs. The only team who could lose out a season is US!