7'oclock start

Is there any wonder why the CFL is struggling in Toronto? CBC is showing the Detroit Leafs game at the same time. Does the CFL brass not realize that Saturday at 7 PM is somewhat of an institution in Southern Ontario?

That may be so, but I'll wager the Hamilton/T.O game will garner more overall viewers. :cowboy:

They can't revolve the world around hockey. Not even in Canada.

Across Canada, maybe. Not everyone gets TSN
In the GTA, not a chance

Networks get the majority of ad revenue from overall national viewership.
If corps. such as TSN or CBC relied solely on revenue from an isolated region, they’d go bust.

National numbers count big time.

Some say the CFL shouldn't play Sunday games because of the NFL. Others say the CFL shouldn't play 7:00 Saturday games because of the NHL. Thursday nights are out from Labour Day on because it's a school night. So all games have to be played on Friday night or Saturday so that they're finished by 7:00 pm.

That means either double headers on both Fridays and Saturdays or a single Friday game and a triple header Saturday. In the first case, one game won't start until 10, so lots of people can't watch the last part of that game. In the second case, the Saturday games will have to start at 10 in the morning in order to finish on time for the 7pm NHL game. Then there's the problem of having all of the venues will be available when needed.

There is no schedule that's going to satisfy everybody and avoid all of the things that the CFL has to compete with.

Well said Picat. Anhone who watches a Laffs preseson game, well, yikes, won't say any more. 8)

Ok, those Laafers.are true fans, fair enough. No wonder I gave up free tickets to a Leaf game and am happy, more than happy actually, I did so. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok, I'm no big rubber pucky fan I'll admit. :wink:

People still watch the Maple Leaves?

What surprised me, I was at Boston Pizza for dinner and they were showing the Stamps/Riders game. The Ticat game was just about to start, and they switched it to the Leaf game. For a presason match up. IN Hamilton.

A few years ago i was at boston pizza on uppper james and they refused to play the cats and also choose to show a leaf preseason game. We went down the street to philthys and had a great time. Its too bad they havent learned
their leason yet.

Now I'm really glad I got the TV in the motel room to work last night. I was thinking of heading over the Boston Pizza next door to watch the game if I couldn't. Not sure what I would have done if they had switched off the game to show a Leafs game, of all things. It's bad enough that the motel's web connection dropped partway through the game so I couldn't be on the game thread.