79 Jets vs. 79 Habs

I know this is a CFL site, but Kanga and I are having a bit of a debate. He seems to think that the WInnipeg Jets of 78-79, winners of the last Avco Cup, could have beaten the 78-79 Montreal Canadiens , who had just won their 4th Stanley Cup in a row. So, how about it? Could the Jets have beaten the Habs? I say NO WAY, but he seems to think they could have.

Habs would win ANY playoff matchup. Especially with Lafleur, Dryden, Lemaire, Gainey, Savard, Lapointe...... need I say more????

Oh, and I'm not a Habs fan either....

almost every fromer Jets fan will say yes though, Sambo, so why start a topic on it here?

I meant for it to be on the CFL talk site, sorry

I believe that the earlier Jets of 1976 would have taken Montreal to 7 games for the Stanley Cup. Jets had alot of Offense, and Montreal had a much better offence

okay,lets pretend we are on survivor! i want to vote you delusional peole off!!! of course i mean those of you who would ever think that the jets could ever compete with the canadians!! .......oh what the heck,everybody off the island for even talking about that on this site. :evil:

Jets would win, period.