70's retros for the East Final - and Grey Cup

Would be awesome to see. A true return to the Alouette's glory years of the late 1970's wearing them in Olympic Stadium for the East Final, and then in the Grey Cup once they win.

The Alouettes glory years are right here right now.

Lets link the 2 greatest eras - for the East Final anyway. They looked so good and there was such a great response to them wearing the 70's retros back in August, they should wear them at least once more.

Les Alouettes des années '70 représentaient une bonne équipe dirigée par un quart ordinaire, et les Alouettes des années 2000 représentent une excellente équipe dirigée par un quart extraordinaire. Pourtant, les Alouettes dirigées par Sonny Wade ont gagné 3 coupes Grey et celles dirigées par Anthony Calvillo en ont gagné 2. Étrange, non? Mais compte tenu qu'aucune équipe des années 2000 ne s'est démarquée comme les Alouettes et les Eskimos des années '70, on peut attribuer ce fait à la parité croissante des équipes de la ligue.

Si l'uniforme est le porte-bonheur, les deux se valent puisque les Alouettes ont gagné 2 coupes Grey dans l'uniforme bleu des années '70, donc autant que dans l'uniforme actuel.

Il ne déplairait pas aux supporteurs de l'équipe de voir une autre partie jouée dans cet uniforme bleu, mais les joueurs de la mouture 1996-2010 méritent de jouer dans l'uniforme qu'ils portent avec honneur, celui de leur propre succès, celui de leur propre fierté.

Sonny Wade was no ordinary quaterback. The level of his game was proportional to the importance of the contest. In an ordinary game, he looked ordinary (and had the interceptions to prove it!). But when the chips were down, no Alouette quaterback in the history of our team rose to the occasion quite like good 'ole Sonny. Hence the fact that he was Grey Cup MVP so often (with the cars to prove it!).

Not to mention, if I'm not mistaken, he still holds the record for the longest punt from scrimmage by an Alouette: 90 yards!

I am rather ambivalent about the uniform they wear. There are several I do not like, but I agree that the 70's retro was quite sharp. I have gotten used to the predominantly red one, which is a throwback to the Als of old - vintage Etcheverry & co.

The colour I'm interested in is the Als seeing RED in their eyes on November 21st, ready to devour whomever they meet in the East Final. Whatever colour they're wearing that day will be a great one!

I think that's exactly what people are saying...and with a bit of bias towards the present.
Calvillo is so often referred to as a great quarterback, perhaps the greatest.
But unlike Sonny...AC's history has seen that greatness fade with the importance of the game.

I just watched last year's GC and I have to admit to getting choked up...seeing AC suddenly transform himself into a Grey Cup hero...and it all climaxed when he collapsed on the field...Diamond Ferri looking like he was going to have to administer CPR or something.

IMO this post-season is AC's chance to ensure his legacy...perhaps his last chance.
There's no doubt that from an overall CFL perspective, winning the all-time passing records will be considered a great accomplishment.

But for Alouettes fans, people like me who have lived decades of successes and failures...Calvillo's memory is now. Only he can bring a team with a good (not great) record to the Cup and win it all.
If he plays well and we lose...so be it...there'll be some questions about whether he couldn't have done more...

But if he plays like he played for much of last years Cup...if he goes into another ill-timed slump...well I'll just say I won't be feeling too great at being proven right once again.

Personally I think he can do it. I know how hard it is to break the shackles of behaviour "engramed"into you from traumatic experience. I'm certain that his near-brushes with obscurity...in Hamilton in particular...are the root cause of his unwillingness to take chances...push the ball down the field in the Big Game.

AC needs to find a way to break from that past...to focus on his extraordinary success over the years. If he can...he may well assure his place in history as one of the greatest quarterbacks ever.
If not...he'll just be another athlete victimized by his own psychology...someone who so often chokes when the chips are down.

When all's said and done...we're all Alouettes fans.
So I'm pulling for you AC!!!

:thup: :thup: :thup:

Oh...and I don't care what uniform they wear (but I am partial to that little red number they wore a couple times last year)

Well put, Senior.

Si jessewade est votre nom à vous, vous êtes les fils de Sonny, ce qui ajoute à votre enthousiasme et c'est très bien.

En fait, lorsque j'ai mentionné que Sonny Wade était un quart ordinaire, je m'en tenais avant tout à l'ensemble de son jeu. Il n'était pas un passeur extraordinaire, mais un passeur meileur que la moyenne. Il ne courait pas bien et n'était pas rapide (pas comme Chuck Ealey, pour prendre une exemple contemporain), mais il pouvait malgré tout se servir de ses jambes. Il avait une bonne capacité de survie dans la pochette et savait bien s'esquiver dans le trafic.

Par contre, il tombait parfois dans une grâce d'inspiration et pouvait élever son niveau de jeu au rang des meilleurs. C'est ce qui est arrivé en 1970 et 1974. La Coupe Grey de 1977 a beaucoup été celle de Tony Proudfoot, avouons-le. J'ai toujours trouvé, cependant, que Sonny Wade avait un bon leadership : les gars voulaient jouer pour lui et lorsqu'il avait des déboires, on sentait qu'il n'abandonnait jamais, amenant ainsi ses coéquipiers à en faire autant.

Comme botteur, il était meilleur que la moyenne, mais il a joué à ce titre dans l'ombre de Zenon Andrusyshyn et Ian Sunter.

Cela dit, je crois qu'un grand quart doit pouvoir maintenir un haut niveau de jeu même dans les parties "moins" importantes. C'est ce que j'estime être la principale différence entre Sonny Wade et Anthonny Calvillo.

Par contre, je trouve injuste que Sonny Wade n'ait toujours pas été intronisé au Temple de la Renommée de la LCF : les quarts-arrières qui ont mené la même équipe 3 fois à la Coupe Grey ne sont pas légion et il devrait s'y trouver ne serait-ce que pour ça.

Calvillo's lasting greatness has already been determined no matter what happens this year or next year.
He is one of the best QB's to have ever played the game in Canada.

Look at a guy like Ron Lancaster.
Considered one of the greats and I think won 1 out of 5 grey cups that he started.
I think he was in the playoffs 14 straight years or something with the Riders and has that 1 Grey Cup.
You know what? He was a great QB then, and remembered as such now.

Atta boy AC.
An all time great with 2 Grey Cups under his belt.

Good post!

Good point...Lancaster was a outstanding quarterback who couldn't win the Big Game

As to Calvillo:
Don't know where you guys went to school
But a 29% success rate is somewhat less than "great"

(Goes up to 38% with a win this year...25% with a loss)

I was reading a Wiki on the different kind of offenses when I came upon this passage:

Wildcat Offense The wildcat offense, (or wildcat formation) a variation on the single-wing formation..... ...In the pros this is often implemented in a 2 QB set. The concept is to replace a skill player with a mobile backup QB to allow a series of run and rollout passing options that pro teams would not risk with their starting QB.
Thinking about how to integrate McPherson into this team...for next year and however long AC decides to play... Wouldn't [b][i]this[/i][/b] variation on the "wildcat" be an interesting solution?

Thoughts? Comments? Abuse?

Sam Etcheverry - great Als QB and Hall of Famer. Grey Cup wins - 0!!! Was he a great QB? Absolutely!!!! Point final!

Agreed. 70's retros from now on permanently for the Als - they look so much better

Great in the regular season
Not so much in the post season....
Among other things
It's called a "stain on your record"

pathetic really...much like ur argument
Duh! :roll:

Are the Als wearing those new white helmets, or their 1970s blue ones, or will it be those silver ones this weekend for the East Final?

I like the blue 70s look the best!

Very disappointed they didn’t wear the 70’s retros for the East Final. Still the cartoon logo - ugh. Maybe they’ll smarten up for the Grey Cup and wear them then, if they win.

I hope they will not.

As I wrote elsewhere, the retro jersey is for reminiscence of the history of the team, the league and the game. But there is time and place for everything. And the current uniform and logo belong to today. So for a game as important as the Grey Cup they need wear their 'Sunday best', that is their regular home or away uniform since those uniforms are the ones defining this season.

Je comprends l'affection que beaucoup de supporteurs ont pour l'uniforme des années Levy, mais personnellement, je souhaite que les Alouettes disputeront cette partie avec leurs uniformes actuels. C'est cet uniforme qui représente l'excellence de cette équipe depuis 1996 et les joueurs qui le portent avec tant de fierté devraient le vêtir pour le match ultime. C'est leur match de la Coupe Grey, pas celui des Alouettes de Levy.