7 Trivia Questions

Hi everyone:
Just thought I would start your Sunday off with a few Trivia ?'s.
1-Who won the East and West in Rushing yardage in 1971?
2-Who won the 1971 Schenley Award as Canadas most outstanding Player?
3-Whitch Family had three C.F.L. players on one team?
4-Who has the best punting average ever in the C.F.L.?
5-When is the clock started?
6-Who is the all time leading scorer?
What team holds the record for the longest winning streak in the C.F.L.?
I have the answers and will post them if I see someone get all of them right. pat_cat

1)-george reed- 2)-goerge reed-3)conacers(s)-4)Hank Alisic(s)-5)at refs signal-6)lue pasaglia

The ones I'm pretty sure of:

  1. Forzani
  2. Jon Ryan
  3. When the ref signals with his arm.
  4. Lui Passaglia
  5. Calgary Stampeders


  1. Leon McQuay - East, George Reed - West
  2. ('72 is easy) Jerry Keeling?
  1. East-Leon McQuay, West-George Reed
  2. Don Jonas, Winnipeg
  3. The Forzanis-Joe, John and Tom
  4. Jon Ryan, WInnipeg-50.6
  5. On the referee's signal
  6. Lui Passaglia

The longest winning streak belongs to the Calgary Stampeders

I can just go with the consensus for the others, but i'm pretty sure on #5.
If you are talkign about the start of the game, it is once the ball is touched by a player after it has been kicked on the kick-off.

1)-george reed- 2)-goerge reed-3)conacers(s)-4)Hank Alisic(s)-5)at refs signal-6)lue pasaglia AND B.C has the longest win streak

Would a good clue to #3 be that none of them have the same last name and one is still a Ticat?

would that be massoti/morriale, and ?

A former McMaster coach...

Joe Sardo?

Here are the answers I have.
1-East-Leon McQuay 977 yards T.O.
West- Jim Evenson 1237 yards B.C.
2-Don Jonas Winterpeg.
3-The Stukas Brothers.
4- Joe Zuger
5-When the kicker kicks the ball.
6- Tommy Joe Coffey
7- Calgary 1948 10-1949 12 for a total of 22.
As you can see they are not for the young at heart.
I found them on the back of a pro action card that someone bought at our Walk of Fame Dinner.
I am really surprised someone did not get these right. pat_cat

I don't think it's right patcat. I think your source is out of date on some of them. It may be a pretty old card.

Lui Passaglia definitely passed Tommy Joe as the alltime scoring leader.

Joe Zuger held the single season punting average record for many years at 48.6, but I'm pretty sure Hank Ilesic beat that, and Jon Ryan definitely did last year in Winnipeg. Now if you're talking total career average, that could be a different matter, I'm not so sure there.

Great call re Jim Evenson, there's a name I haven't heard in a while.

Another neat one re the 48-49 Stampeders.

How many Stukus brothers were there? Two I thought. I wonder if the Forzanis beat that?

Damn, I was wrong.

Paul Massoti played with both Mike Morreale and Joe Sardo.

Joe's last season in Toronto was the year prior to Morreale arriving.

Close, but no Stukas.