7 team league

Can the CFL survive with a 7 team league? I know they wish to have Ottawa back next year but that is not for certain. With all the season tickets that wont be renewed next year (i'm lucky enough not to have renewed mine this year. seen it coming)you gotta realize this franchise is not as stable as people think.

As for Ottawa and if they do come back. Instead of them having a dispersal draft. Could they just take this team and the ticats can have the dispersal draft?

Hamilton has the best fans in the league and is one of the best markets. This is a model franchise in every way except the on field product (which of course is the most important part). All they need is a good team. The beauty of being this bad is it forces you to rethink the whole process. I have a feeling next years Ti-Cat team will be very different. There must be a lot of good football minds out there who would love to come in here and build from the ground up.

I too see a major problem getting renewals if the Cats wait until season's end to fix the problems. Cutting down on the game day noise was a start. Lowering concession prices will also help. Firing PaoPao is MANDITORY. Getting a REAL GM is MANDATORY. Showing Maas thew bench and truely evaluating the backups is MANDATORY. Anything short of these last 3 items will break the will of even the hardiest of fans

They've got be very active in the off season as well.

I agree, but they were active last season and it will take a lot mor than a few marquee signings to convince many