7 players released

Anyone have any idea why these players were released ?

Could they have asked to leave ?
Maybe some were not impressed at the mini-camp ?
Maybe some had some other alternatives ?

As far as I can see Means and Schliegel were supposed to have legit shots at a starting DB and DE spot respectively .

My best bet was they just did not stick out to the coaches and the organization felt they could bring in better players who could compete for starting jobs.

Really disappointing to see Denson being released, I loved the guys work ethic but he did struggle with an injury last year if im not mistaken. Im not very surprised about Means, he didnt impress me all too much last season but im sure he will be picked up by another CFL team. Kelley looked like a good ball player but you have to be a VERY talented receiver to compete on this team . The others I have know knowledge of but the team probably wanted to go a different direction and didn't see these guys fitting into their plans.

But it is very possible that a player did ask for his release, who knows really.

Denson doesn't surprise me, Ike Brown is better when healthy.

Loyce Means surprises me a little bit just because of the uncertainty surrounding our secondary.

Loyce Means is a surprise for me. I thought he did a much better job back there than Smith, Thomas and Young.

I hope we still keep Collins and Turenne as they looked solid also.