7-on-7 Football

Just read about the CFL's initiative with 7-on-7 football here.

I'm glad to see the league taking steps like this to grow Canadian talent. If Halifax joins the league, that Canadian talent will be divided 10 ways instead of 9, so the more we can develop national talent now, the better the league will be when then happens.

Could this 7-on-7 touch football format be a way of spreading the game to USport schools that don't currently have full football programs?

USports has 56 schools, but only 27 of those have football programs, but maybe a 7-on-7 touch league would entice more of those schools to field teams. It would also be more conducive, perhaps, to getting a women's circuit up and going.

There are also 90+ CCAA schools, none of which have full football programs like USport schools, but perhaps they could be persuaded to try out fielding teams for this format.

Interesting thoughts here. I would hope this is not the future of football though. Flag football isn't really anything I'd pay to see.

Has that been addressed at all or will we have to wait for the new cba? If even the ratio goes down one spot I assume another team would still mean jobs for Canadians.

...one day when my son was in Grade Six he came home dejected after school...I asked him what was wrong...he said that two boys were running at recess and they ran into each other by accident, bonked their heads, and as a result no one could run at recess any more...

with top level athletes, I would.

...you know what I'd pay to see: a snowball fight featuring MLB pitchers...

Remember though kids hockey is non-contact and then the better players at whatever age in whatever province transition to a contact game. So the precedent is sorta there.

But I agree, I don't want to see the Grey Cup being fought for with a totally non-contact type of football. That would need a different championship. Just do soccer then IMHO which may seem to be the future of all football in Canada at some point, stressing the point MAY.

I would think this would be a development opportunity for high schools, middle schools that don't want to invest in football equipment of risk full-contact. Get players interested and they can find where to play "real" football.

I believe this is very popular in the southern states for "off-season" skills position development; think Texas may be full of lots of 7-on-7 teams

I hope that's how it works....as a developmental step, a gateway sport to the real thing.

But if they start suggesting 7-on-7 for OT, I'll be getting worried.

But if they start suggesting 7-on-7 for OT, I'll be getting worried.
PTBO, and the shootout in hockey is how much different that that? The shootout doesn't resemble the hockey played in the regulation game, at all I would say.

I totally agree, and I don't like it.

OT in football already takes special teams out of the equation, I wouldn't want them removing 5 players a side to deviate even further from that. Luckily, OT is not so common in football as it is in hockey.

My Grandson's "real" football team here (in the Calgary region) has a "Flag Football" team and is part of a local league in the spring. "Real" contact football is played in the fall.

We have found that the conditioning of the players, coverage by the DBS, speed to the ball, communication between players and the general ball awareness is better when they have also been involved in the Flag football, prior to coming to contact football. The contact team actually recommends that the players be involved in both. The combination of skills makes for a very successful team, with several of our players being scouted for CIS schools and hopefully for CFL teams (I believe one or two of the current Stampeders actually started in their program, but I can not confirm that - was mentioned during a tour of the Stampeders locker room for the kids last season).

If you look at this region, there is the Stampeders on the professional front, but they have several players that are on the U of C staff now, and you would be hard pressed to find a CFL team that does not have a "Dino" on it. Now they have Keyon Raymond running a camp for kids and a 7 - 7 League of Flag Football. In fact, there are Several current or former Stampeders that run camps for kids. In the past five years or so, it appears, the Stampeders have really emphasized training in the community and I think it is not only paying off in attendance, but also in the level of skilled players from the region (JMHO).

It's not a spectator sport.

One word to describe 7-on-7: boring

I haven’t seen it myself, so I’ll take your word for it . . . but I can’t imagine it being worse than other college sports like soccer, volleyball, basketball, etc.

You can sample it on youtube. Lots of video recorded high school 7-on-7 games from various high schools in the United States.

...watched some youtube on it and don't like even more now...it's totally removed the whole element of Linemen (other than a 'centre' who's job is to pitch the ball to the QB and then, I dunno, count steamboats or something) and a running game...the trench battle is in my opinion one of the best parts of the game, the ballet of an irresistible force against an immovable object...and from the videos I saw there is no running game?! not even sweeps or reverses...

...so basically you've got a QB, a centre and a bunch of guys running around trying to catch a pass...which is what I'll do...pass...

...lol, maybe I'll start a 5 on 5 linemen league...

Sounds like an old schoolyard game of 500.

Ugh, yeah that's pretty dull to watch, though you can see the value in it for player development.

I'd like to see what they could do with a modified version, one that uses a whole field, allows running plays, and utilizes kicking.

I haven't watched any 7 on 7 being played now and so I know nothing about how they do it. The touch or flag football that I would pay to watch would be as I played it growing up, but with the best of the best athletes. Full Canadian football except for no contact.

It takes a lot of speed and skill to run kicks back for TD with no blocking and no one laying a finger on you