7 more newcomers & Aprile released

In case you missed this on the main page:

How many coming to camp now must be a record ! Around 80!!!

Aprile released, not surprising.
It seems Chapman is going to get a big opportunity

The surprising thing was the fact that Aprile actually somehow lasted 4 seasons with this team . His career production of 3 whole catches and 24 total yards is going to be hard to replace ??? ::slight_smile: . The one good thing about Aprile being released is that it will free up a spot on the Injury List....where by the way is where Aprile spent the majority of his 4 year tenure here in the Hammer .

I had always thought he had great ST value, and did until this year I guess. He has size and speed, and I believe they harnessed that using him as a gunner for a while. Clearly WR was never his strong point.

I'm sure another club that needs a decent ST guy, or more National WR depth, will sign him.

Even with Aprile gone now... we still have at least 7 Canadian WR/SB. It's a big stable.

All the best to Aprile. Thanks for the 4 years!

Chuckled when someone wrote we shouldnt set expectations too high for Chapman.

Really? All he has to be is faster than Aprile and catch the ball more reliably than Jones.

Not too high by any stretch of the imagination.

Hey, Ti-Cats. Wake up.

This was funny 6 months ago.

Still relevant until the posters who moaned endlessly about the team standing pat after FA signings with last years roster whilst every other team was "improving" etc. offer up some kind of mea culpa

The Cats have signed 7 of their draft picks but Chapman wasn't one of them . He's our #1 pick . Let's get that done "tout suite". That other Qb signing might develop into something . Who knows ?

Pat Lynch (the old guy)

Aprile just got signed by EDM

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WR Giovanni Aprile

Good for him! I hope the Esks can harness his potential better than Hamilton did.

Too funny! Hope he doesn't come back to haunt us...

Don't they all? :wink:

EDM will harness his birth certificate just like us

He has all the physical tools, but could never get out of that raw rookie phase in his talent.

I know performance is on the player, but different guys need different kinds of coaching, and it's obvious to me that the coaching he got in Hamilton didn't mix with his personality, and he likely didn't even understand that 100%.

Like any job... if they keep you around, then you settle in. And he did that for 4 years in the Hammer without ever really developing.

He wasnt a "raw rookie" here.
He was in WPG for almost two years and their coaches let his vast potential slip through their fingers too.

Right... I forgot about his time in the Peg.

What I don't get is why the Esks would trade a decently accomplished Canadian receiver like Chambers last season, then sign a totally unaccomplished one the next camp.

Why get rid of Chambers unless you're super deep at Canadian receiver? I'm guessing Chambers wasn't happy in Edmonton anymore.