7 additional CFL franchises viable by 2035

A new study by The Conference Board of Canada, states that the country is ripe for major league sports expansion over the next two decades.

The report says economic and demographic trends suggest Canada could support three new NHL teams, major league baseball in Montreal, an NBA franchise in Vancouver and as many as three, new Major League Soccer teams.

The study also suggests that by the year 2035, another seven cities could support Canadian Football League franchises.

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who did this report?

Krusty the Clown? :roll: :lol:

the NBA won't go back to Vancouver.. they don't give cities a 2nd try.

and where are these 7 cities that they say could have CFL teams?

here is The Conference Board of Canada where and why analysis for CFL expansion:

[b]Football An earlier briefing in this series identified six potential new markets for the CFL: Ottawa–Gatineau (where the league is already scheduled to return), London, Kitchener–Waterloo–Cambridge, Moncton, Halifax, and Québec City. While it may still be some time before any of these cities join the CFL, all have the required market conditions to be successful in the league within the foreseeable future. Pushing the analysis out to 2035 adds one more market to the list of potential CFL franchises—Saskatoon. Saskatoon will witness a rise in population from 265,000 in 2010 to 430,000 in 2035, thanks largely to its ability to attract international immigrants and migrants from elsewhere in Canada. What’s more, the share of the city’s population aged 65 and over will be among the lowest of any Canadian urban centre in 2035. Why will people move to Saskatoon? Commodity-fuelled economic growth will be relatively strong over the next 25 years, allowing for sustained job creation and a growth in corporate head offices. Indeed, we expect that Saskatchewan will post the fastest growth rate among Canada’s provinces over the next 25 years, so the province will eventually have both the population and the incomes required to support two CFL franchises. What a rivalry Saskatoon versus Regina would be.[/b]

By 2035 the lefties will have banned football from schools and it will be soccer only with high school soccer players having to wear headgear. We will have an "all Canadian" MLS division in the former CFL cities.

But the Riders, the Esks, the Stamps and Winnipeg will be part of a Northern US football division, using mainly US players since the only Canadian players have to go south to play football.

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I always kind of thought that if the Argos get pushed out of the Skydome, they should look at something else in the region not specifically in Toronto like Missassauga.

Having said that, asking a city to build football stadiums is tough for only 9 dates a year plus maybe 2-4 concerts a year. Unless the stadium can be attached to a larger sporting event like the Commonwealth Games or the Olympics, I don't see that many new stadiums being built. I'd be shocked if there were a 10th team within 10 years of Ottawa returning.

Canada's population in 2035 should be approximately 43 million. It's entirely conceivable that there will be 7 cities able to sustain a CFL franchise by then. Providing they can organize a stadium of course.

[url=http://www.parl.gc.ca/Content/LOP/ResearchPublications/2011-63-e.htm]http://www.parl.gc.ca/Content/LOP/Resea ... 1-63-e.htm[/url]

Don't ignore future revenues from broadcast rights. Those revenues should be going nowhere but up as long the CFL can maintain a deal with an A+ partner.

Why is Victoria always left out of these talks? It has a population of 350,000 and it would finally give the Lions a proper Labour Day rival. I think that places like Quebec City and Haliax should get their teams first, but I find it surprising that Victoria is seldom mentioned in these expansion fantasies.

It’s been brought up a few times on these boards, but it pretty much always gets shot down. Maybe the Conference board of Canada is lurking here :lol:

interesting that the CBoC mentions Saskatoon as a viable site and great rival to the Riders by 2035.

A great majority of posters (myself included) assumed that the Riders would likely have sole possession of the province of Sask. for at least this century and possibly beyond, although this may not be the case due to the projected immense economic growth, population growth and corporate presence over the next 25 years.

Charlotte and New Orleans would like to have a word with you.

Victoria as prospective CFL city has been debated many times over the past several years. Some believe that Victoria is a city of mostly old retired people who don't go out much, except to buy their meds and stock up on Depends. This isn't supported by the facts however. The average person in Victoria is similar most other Canadian cities — around 35, professional, with better than average income, and plenty of it disposable (I've posted supporting links more than once in this forum, but I'm at work now and don't have time. So look it up yourself if in doubt). There probably are lots of retired folks there too, but in order to have an average age of 35 there also has to be LOTS of young people, likely seeking alternative entertainment.

Victoria should always be mentioned as a possible future site. That it isn't is really quite bizarre.

So would Minneapolis, Philadelphia, Chicago, Atlanta & Milwaukee. :lol:

And you forgot, its a “Government town” and those that work are probably Gov’t employees and they can’t accept free tickets from suppliers…

You forget that Victoria is not accessible by car.

That's a big reason.

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...yup, no cars on Vancouver Island....same with electricity and internet...

You seem to be unaware that people actually live on the island.

...mostly stoner surfers you know, and whalers...no cars mind you

They must have cars. Stoners gotta live somewhere. (whalers just take refuge in the carcasses of whales… that’s where George Lucas got the idea from).

Last I was aware, CFL teams use the airlines to get to their road games. :lol: