7.3 million watched a part of yesterday's CFL games!

Yesterday's EDF game got record ratings for TSN.
This from TSN.....

Yesterday's CFL Divisional Finals on TSN delivered big audiences, including a record audience for the Eastern Final on English television. Overall, 7.3 million Canadians watched some part of the 2013 CFL Divisional Finals on TSN.

A full breakdown of overnight audience data from BBM Canada is outlined below:

Eastern Final
The Eastern Final featuring Hamilton @ Toronto attracted an average audience of 1.7 million viewers on TSN – making it the most-watched Eastern Final ever on English television. Audiences for the all-Ontario matchup were up 21% compared to last year's average audience of 1.4 million viewers on TSN.

Audience levels peaked at 3.1 million viewers on TSN late in the game as the Tiger-Cats held on to defeat the Toronto Argonauts 24-17.

Western Final
The Western Final featuring Saskatchewan @ Calgary was watched by an average audience of 1.9 million viewers on TSN, up 2% compared to last year's Western Final.

Audience levels peaked at 2.7 million on TSN in the fourth quarter of the game as the Saskatchewan Roughriders completed a 35-13 upset of the Calgary Stampeders.

Wow! 1.7 million, up 21%!


Great news for the CFL in southern Ontario!

The CFL's popularity continues to rise.

I'm really hoping MLSE buys the team and revamps BMO for them.

With THF coming on board next year, bringing Hamilton into the break even/profitable fold, that leaves only Toronto.

this is the first year the tabbies and argos had more than 10 wins in the same season and first time since '86 they met in the division final....kinda explains why the CFL has been lost in southern ontario.

1.3 Million watched the Ticat/Als semi on TSN, which was one of the most watched east semis ever.

Wow! More great news I was not aware of.

Given those huge numbers watching some fantastic play by Burris and Cats late in those games, to pull out playoff wins has got to be great for the brand. The timing of which could not be any better.

And remember the Thanksgiving day game vs. the Argos drew just under 1 million, the highest rated regular season game ever between those two rivals.

To put that in perspective, according to the commissioner, it was double the ratings of Monday Night Football and an MLB playoff game which were all on at the same time. Also, the Raptors season opener around then, drew 50,000 viewers.