will 7/11 be selling tickets for the western final does any one know ?

I think so phone 7-11 and ask them, they will know

Yes.... $49.95 per pair.

Are they still in the same sections? Or is there a chance that we'll get "upper level" seats? Because you can't see the tickets before buying them...they come in a sealed envelope. Anyone having this info, I'd appreciate them passing it along. I'm going to get tickets today and want lower level and will pay the extra $$ if necessary. Please, anyone having bought theirs at 7/11, could you let me know what section they're in? Thanks, in advance!

7-11 tickets are in the same level as they are at every game, lev 2 sec 30-25, i would not think they would have upper level until those ones are sold out.i am in sec 26 row rr seat 1&2.

Thanks....see you there!