And the worst that they can do is 4-4 against the west

Have a good vacation gentlemen....Wow !

Just a quick congrats to Leak, he did not do so much, but he did what he had to do.

Maybe we are but so what. This team has been very disappointing the last 5 games. AND VERY, VERY, BORING. Do we ever throw the ball downfield. No we don't. Has anybody figured out yet that it takes 15 6 yard passes completed in a row to score when starting at your 20. Any incomplete pass and you have to punt. I don't know what has happened since the first couple of games, but either our receivers can never get open, or the play calling is terrible, or AC is just dumping the ball, but I'm getting sick of the 6 yard over the centre pass.
And tonite the pass defence was really bad. We were forced into the Canadian version of a cover 2 the whole second half. Diamond Ferri and either Proulx or Boulay starting 20 to 25 yards off the line. Not impressive and definitely not entertaining.

AC does the 6 yards pass when he has no other options, which happened more often tonight, we don't see very well on tv how the back field looks because they are focusing on the line of screemage all the time. But maybe that 4-5 or 6 yards pass is better than a sack or a fumble or a longer pass that end up in an interception and that would be why we are 7-1 at this time.

Great to get the win, and kudos to special teams for FINALLY turning in a mistake-free game (and LT for being the effective difference in the score with his punt-return TD).

That being said, the offense is really starting to worry me. This stupid dink and dump stuff isn’t working. AC held to 170 yards passing, sacked 4 times (yes, I know Bourke was injured, but they were coverage sacks, not blitz sacks), couldn’t find any open receivers, and couldn’t throw the ball longer than 6 yards on the run. Were it not for Cobourne’s magnificent performance, I don’t know what we would have done. Yet again we don’t run the ball in the first quarter, and our drives stall. We remember we have a running game, and suddenly we move the ball again. Can someone explain to me why our first 8-10 plays are always pass plays exclusively? What benefit do we gain from going two and out to open the game? In our season opener against Calgary, our opening two series resulted in TDs because we mixed Cobourne in with the quick-passing game. Ever since week three, it’s been pass, pass, pass, with diminishing results, until now we can’t get even into field goal range until the start of the second quarter.

Another issue: it seems like Calvillo’s ability to throw the deep ball has seriously declined this year. Maybe it’s the 10 pounds he lost due to changing his diet, but he simply can’t throw a tight spiral down field anymore, and even some of his intermediate throws are looking a bit wobbly. I also didn’t like his reads tonight; checking down to a 3-yard pass to the fullback with two defenders in coverage on second and long is just an exercise in futility. You may as well take a shot down the field and see if you can’t get lucky with a PI call.

Defensively, well, they were bound to have an off-night. That was arguably the worst game I’ve ever seen Davis Sanchez play. He was absolutely awful, old, slow, and three steps behind all night and was beaten by a country mile twice for TDs. Cox blew a coverage assignment on the Bagg TD, which is normal for him, but made up for it with that nice INT in the fourth quarter. They’ve played so well as unit thus far, though, that I am going to give 'em a free pass. They also made key plays when needed (picks, goal-line stands).

Despite my criticisms, I want to congratulate the team for buckling down and grinding out a close win against a very determined Sask team. I like to see us winning close games in the fourth quarter. It’s good prep for the playoffs. :rockin:

Also, LEAK~! :lol:

You guys make some excellent points but there are a couple where you guys are off.

First, Calvillo has NEVER thrown a "pretty" ball. Never but he has great control of the velocity he's using. Last week the Als went down the field consistently. Trestman calls his game based on what the opponent concedes. Some may argue but I think the Riders are the second best team in the CFL, they are violent and athletic football team. The Als are like a good boxer who uses his jab and chip's away at his opponent with execution and discipline.

I think Trestman uses a lot of passing plays early to get the opponent to declare their defensive schemes.

Calling the offense Boring is a stretch. As a whole I find this team's execution interesting and some new plays every game. Tonight there was a nice post to Cahoon in the end zone that was a first on that side of the field, some cool new running plays with some very exotic motion and blocking schemes. All the 3rd down gambles.

I guess it depends how you see things.

No, you're right. He's never thrown a pretty ball, but he used to be able to hit the deep ball when he had to. Now, not only do his deep balls usually go for picks (like against Winnipeg), but he seemingly can't even throw an intermediate or deep route when flushed out of the pocket. I have a lot of trouble believing that the Riders were so good in coverage against our receiving corps that there wasn't an open receiver at least ONCE during those situations.

Calvillo's decline in this area is part of why our short-passing game is becoming less and less effective IMO. Nobody respects our ability to go over top anymore, so DBs just cheat up to the line and play velcro press coverage. Which means our receivers have to be superhuman just to get first downs, let alone majors. That Cobourne passing TD at the end was a spectacular one-man effort that, nine times out of 10, would be stuffed outside the goal line. We can't rely on those kinds of plays to score the majority of our points.

I think Trestman uses a lot of passing plays early to get the opponent to declare their defensive schemes.
I refuse to believe that Marc Trestman wastes an entire quarter just trying to figure out what the other team's defense is up to. We're here to score points whenever our offense has the ball; no O.C. worth his salt would subordinate that goal to scouting in the first quarter of a scoreless game. And also, how would calling all passing plays be an effective way to expose schemes? By mixing in the run, wouldn't you get an even better idea of what's going on, because you'll also see how they react when the RB has the ball? Sorry, Hfx, no offense to you, but I don't buy this argument at all.
Tonight there was a nice post to Cahoon in the end zone that was a first on that side of the field, some cool new running plays with some very exotic motion and blocking schemes. All the 3rd down gambles.
They did throw some goal-line change-ups in there, which was nice, and some variation in the running game. But if I see one more three-yard dump-off on second and long, I'll go crazy. For God's sake, attack the field vertically when you're clearly out of field goal range!

Apropos of nothing, kudos to Proulx for putting together two monster games in a row. In two weeks, he has three picks and a fumble recovery. Well done!

Anyone knows the extent of Bourke injury ?

He's doing a heck of a job on the blind-side and they had to "juggle" last night with Perrett finishing the game on that side !

It wasn't a pretty game, but we got the W.....now they can rest for 1 week and be back to business vs BC on Sept.4th !

BTW, 3-0 in the retro uni :slight_smile:

I have some positive reflections on last night's game. Sask did own the first half of the game but Larry Taylor kept the team in the game with his great touchdown. The offensive team was out to an early lunch as the Als mighty pasing attack failed them. but, late in the half and for the next quarters Cobourne was finally given the ball and he came through, in a big way rushing for close to 100 yards. After some half time thinking, the Als came alive in the second half.

The defense was the positive area of play last night. The goal line stand against the Riders demonstrated that these defenders can do the job. The defensive line stood out especially on their own one yard line. I noticed that Chip Cox and Shea Emery crossed over the defensive line and penetrated into the RR's backfield taking down the offensive backs before they developed a head of steam. These were the winning plays for the Als. The move of Chip Cox to linebacker was a great move by the coaching staff. Cox had an interception and was effective in stopping the RR's run as well as the pass.He is making his best contribution to the team from the linebacking area this year. Stewart and our other book end [ his name eludes me for the moment ] again provided a great rush. Stewart is the leader in QB sacks .I thought Proulx stood out as a defender grabbing an interception and making a long run after picking up a fumble. He provided good support to the defensive halfbacks. I kept looking for our corners to make their presence felt but, this was not comng!

WE must mention the RR's strength and, allow that this is a good team and consider this when we examine the Als overall play last evening. I was greatly impressed with Durant. He is a mobile QB who has good legs as well as being a good passer. He was able to elude defenders and made some great passes especially to Weston Dressler. Dressler is outstanding he has excellent speed and ability to rush past the defenders and, go for the long pass. Offensively, I would nominate him as- the outstanding player in last nights game. THe RR's have a good defensive team and the line put great pressure on Calvillo as he was sacked three times. This is a tough club!

Our offensive team, while being invisible in the first half, came on in the second half playing well enough to win. Cobourne became the generator of the offensive team with his strength and running ability. What impressed me last night was that the Als are showing greater aggression. Twice, while playing in the red zone, the Als did play three down ball to score and, made at least one third gamble while playing out of the red zone. They are playing for TD's and, are not automatically going for field goals goals as often as they were in the earlier part of the season. Calvillo can still throw with the best- this was not his most impressive parformance but the team did win.

Well, they say that good teams win games that they shouldn’t, and last night’s game sure proved that point! We were very lucky to win the game as we were outplayed for three of the four quarters. If not for some big (and timely) plays by our defense (who generally played poorly), we would’ve lost for sure.

As if I needed any proof, this game demonstrated once again why we will never win a Grey Cup with Calvillo as our quarterback. This is only the second game where our offense came under any kind of pressure from the opposition’s defense. The first one was the second game against Edmonton and you all know how that ended.

As usual, when Calvillo is under any kind of pressure, he gets “happy feet.? He deserts the pocket way too soon. This results in our medium to long routes not having time to develop. He then either gets sacked, dumps it off underneath, or in some cases, runs for a gain. Now I know I don’t have the benefit of the game film to see what was going on in our pass routes, but in three instances where he took off, I did see a receiver getting open on a medium route.

Even more disturbing and unfortunately so common with him, was the situation at the end of the game with about 3 minutes to go, where we needed to hang onto the ball and not give Saskatchewan a chance to tie the game. Not only did we not get a first down, not only did Calvillo look pathetic, but he even fumbled the ball and I honestly don’t know how we even retained possession. Thank you, referees! (Unlike the last game, the refs were definitely on our side in the second half. On that last punt where we got a point that effectively ended the game, how did we ever avoid a no yards penalty?!) As I’ve said time and time again, how many times has AC led us down the field to win a game in the last minute?

We’re a very good team, and we’ll cut our swath during the regular season, but don’t even dream of a Grey Cup – not with that QB.

That's why I'd love to have a second option at QB. Calvillo has folded in a GC game more often than any other QB in the league's history. 1-5 is certifiable... All I ask is to have an option to go to if he shits the bed and the only way we get that is if Trestman gives some game plays to one of the young guns and he won't. He's explained his position and it is logical but he's only been around for one of the five championship loss. It was a big blow to fan interest in MOntreal to lose another one last year. Lots of tickets available this year. there were at least 3000 to 5000 season tickets available. Another blowout in a championship game and there will be empty seats. The team is hard at work trying to sell the 5000 expansion seats while the team is hot....very smart move IMO.

How can we pin the second Grey Cup loss to Edmonton on Calvillo when the game went to triple OT and he led the team to comeback after comeback in that game? If our D had been able to get a stop, we'd have won.

All I ask is to have an option to go to if he **** the bed and the only way we get that is if Trestman gives some game plays to one of the young guns and he won't. He's explained his position and it is logical but he's only been around for one of the five championship loss. It was a big blow to fan interest in MOntreal to lose another one last year. Lots of tickets available this year. there were at least 3000 to 5000 season tickets available. Another blowout in a championship game and there will be empty seats. The team is hard at work trying to sell the 5000 expansion seats while the team is hot....very smart move IMO.
I'm a big proponent of giving McPherson more minutes as the season wears on, but I doubt it will happen.

3 of 4 quarters? I would say 1 of 4, the second

You are right, this was only the second time but that is the fault of the O-line not the QB.....and they still won the game. They found out what was working and stuck with it.

Happy feet?
Happy feet denotes a QB who wants to run, possible prefers to run and that is not AC. He runs when he has to, and only when he has to. Because the pocket has collapsed or his receivers are covered. Blaming AC for the o-line is weak.

You do know that AC no longer calls the plays....He runs the plays that are send in from the bench....Again it is a weak argument to blame the QB for not moving the chains when it is the running back and o-line who are at fault. Weaker still is using an argument that he cannot move the ball down field for the win, in an argument complaining that he cannot hang on to the ball in the dieing minutes. I commented on that BTW, I noticed you have not responded.
Also, the reason that No yards was not called was because there was no penalty to be called.(unlike the first half where the refs looked for anything to call) It was close but they were outside the 5 yard zone....I can post a pic if you like

You are entitled to your opinion but what I see is an attempt discredit AC in anyway possible. They won last night. They adjusted both offensively and defensively and won the game.....Using that to claim they cant win a Grey Cup only reinforces my opinion

Remember. When we play the team for the second time they will have reviewed tape and be better prepared. The fact that we beat Sask in the two games is a positive. I agree that defensively we doinked in the first half but we adjusted and only allowed one score in the second half. Let's rest and get ready for the back-to-back with our nemesis.......the Lions.

Chris Leak has a reason to smile this weekend. Congrats!

ro1313, obviously you are entitled to your opinions... as I am mine.

I explained my definition of "happy feet," and you chose to debate the semantic meaning which I found to be irrelevant. The point was that he deserts the pocket too soon. Call it what you will.

A few days ago, a poster was able to give 2 examples of when AC came through in the dying moments of a game. 2 examples in close to 10 years! Statistics don't lie.

Your post seems to suggest that I don't like AC. He is undoubtedly a great QB and he is a good community man. Unfortunately, my observation over the years is that he does NOT perform well under any kind of pressure. I consider him the Dan Marino of the CFL. Having said that, I still like him as our regular QB. But, as one poster has already intimated, I wish Trestman would groom a replacement to come in when he is having difficulties. I am simply sick and tired of seeing him fail in Grey Cup after Grey Cup. (Are you aware that even in the GC that we won, where he won MVP, that his completion percentage was under 50%!!!) Our defense won that Cup. Not AC.

You can justifiably argue that football is a team sport and that AC did not lose those games on his own. However, QB is the most critical position and if that position is not delivering, your chances of winning are seriously impaired. (Just like hockey is a team game but if the most critical component, goaltending, is not there, you have little chance of winning.)

Anyone else notice, everytime Sanchez got beat deep, he'd go to Chip Cox, and pretty much looks like he's pointing fingers at him?

I wonder what thats all about.

Offense, didn't look good at all. I want to think that Saskatchewan's Defense is just incredible. Calvillo had no time at all. I think the Riders shook him up. Playcalling? I am by no means a football expert, but 2-5 yard passes on 2nd and 15 doesn't seem like a logical call to me.

Defense, looked great so far this season. I loved the poise they showed on the Goal line stance. They got beat with a deep 52 yard pass to Dressler, and managed to suck it up and stop them. I'm a little worried about getting beat deep. It seemed like Saskatchewan threw out the playbook, and just threw deep all game, and managed to score 25 points.

Special Teams, looked good. A couple of times looked close of a Punt Block for the Riders, but the coverage got downfield and swarmed the Returner. Also, Larry Taylor had a couple of run backs. 80% of the time, he is missing just 1 block to take it all they way.

I am satisfied, hopefully, this is our year to beat B.C at the Dome.

Josh Bourke got hurt in the second quarter. This led to some adjustments and is likely a contributing factor to Calvillo being under the gun. Hopefully its not serious. They have the bye next week which is good timing. If Bourke can't make it for the next few games, at least they have 2 weeks to work on plan B.

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