7-1 Bomber Swag vs 1-7 Rider Pride

Different Rider team with Coach Miller on the sidelines and now with B.C. at 3-6., Sask. now know what’s at stake.

I don't see anything different. The team still sucks no matter who's at the helm. :smiley:

Would be nice for SSK to lose out on the year just for the greater good, ie. firing Brendan Taman.

COACHES dont play on the field, having miller back wont cure the problems unless u believe these guys were choking and sucking on purpose to get berry and marshall fired.

Put it this way, if they were, well.. geez the riders have more problems than any other team in the league.

will miller and drinking chocolate milk for 2 weeks really cure all the mistakes and problems the riders were having? i dont see how.. same players... even with a fantuz or chick back,i still wouldn't see how the coach could truly make a huge differece on the on field play..

players play, coaches coach.. you fire the coach cuz its easier to replace 1 or 2 guys than it is to replace the entire team..

1-7 is 1-7, regardless of how you slice it.

The coaches take the heat for the crappy record but really, its the TEAM thats not executing well enough

riders have been blown out a couple times, a couple scores flattered the riders as they added what you would call "garbage time" touchdowns against a couple teams (calgary and toronto for sure) who had a big lead and took the foot off the gas a bit too early.

Gotta love the LDC in Regina,

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Sask schedual isnt getting easier in the next couple weeks. hopefully when they face Toronto again, for rider fans, it goes well.

Riders should be the favourite this weekend. Historically a team that changes coaches, more often than not, wins for the new coach in his debut. They usually go right back to the same standard of play that got the original coach fired pretty quick, but for that first game at least they look like a new team. And Winnipeg has started to show vulnerabilities in their last 2 games. Like the Eskies before they started their slide you can see crack's in the Bomber armour. I'm not saying they're going to fall off the mountain as dramatically as Edmonton, I just think they will lose their second of the season sooner rather than later.

Barker appears to have lost faith in Lemon, Bell isn't seasoned enough, Jyles is too rusty still, Murphy may be gone for the season and the receiving core has yet to come together as a unit and support ANY quarterback. All this means way too much field time for the defense.

I think the Argos are just what any team needs. :cry:

When your on top, its easy to get complacent. And everyone wants to knock you down a peg.

When your last place, playoffs looking harder to get to, And your playing for your job basicly, and a new coach, your a very tough opponent. could be a tougher game for both sides then anyone is anticipating.

No matter who wins should be a far better game than last nights Toilet Bowl. I’m expecting a close game.

Riders lose the next two games, it will be tough to make the playoffs. TO looked horrible yesterday and should be in last place in the power rankings next week. BC pulling away from Riders for now, with an easier schedule in the near term. Theyll have to play thier butts off, but it can be done. Really need the offense to start showing up to the games, defense has struggled at times but is far more consistant then the offense.

With that being said about BC... If Edmonton for whatever reason looses the next two games to Calgary, Bc isnt actually that far away from possibly gettin a home playoff date in the west semi. i know its too early to talk playoffs, but lets face it, this is a strange year in the CFL.

With that being said... MILLER ISNT THE NEW COACH.. he's the old coach, from you know a season ago.
dude probably had a say in signing the "new" players and coached most of em last year during the great rider downfall.. wins/losses in last 18 or so regular season, not including playoff games for the riders is pretty ugly.. 5-13 or something really ugly.. it started with gramps so now gramps is back, like 9 months after he stepped down? thats not a new coach.. that's an old coach, that's just effed up.

historically tho, Riders suck, so like they are just reverting back.. 3 grey cups in 100 years.. yeah but damn those 3 years out of 100 were awesome. ha.

no depth and the fact that most this team is old now and not good, teams are quicker and faster and younger.. riders are old and falling apart.. soon, perhaps if the bombers sweep you these next 2 weeks, that your season... it would be pretty much officially OVER. :slight_smile: riders gotta win, their season is on the line.. bombers, if they lose, meh.. historically :stuck_out_tongue: they have lost most LDC games. hurt more when we were in the same division tho :slight_smile: Its a grudge match :slight_smile: it should be good but im saying this because i just have a feeling, if one of the teams offences get on a role, well... this could get ugly. :slight_smile:

i guess.. riders could win and oh crap bombers still first in east at 7-2 or bombers win, riders are 1-8, last in west still.. :slight_smile:
i suppose either way, regardless of the outcome of this game, rider win, bomber loss, bomber win,rider loss, tie :wink: bombers will still be first in their division and sask will be last in the west still.. regardless of who wins :slight_smile:

yay for first place.. yay for last place?

you OK killer? you been a lot more agitated lately then normal. i drink. i find that helps. im werried.

its the weather... been like plus 40 and then last few days its rained and been like +15. +20. yeah 20 is nice but 40 was better.. september is stupid. last day of august the temp was 36 with humidity.. thats gorgeous.september comes.. RAIN RAIN RAIN

plus.. i dunno. lol. bomber team gets no respect.. and i guess i have no idea why.. they didnt suck last year.. they just lost the close ones, a record for losing what? 9 by a td or less or 4 or less points? with the backup qb? thats not bad.. this year, the qb is healthy, the d is looking good outside of last week but shut it down in the 4th when it mattered most... i just.. i dunno. 7-1 but.. really.. its always the mistakes the other team made.. its the misuse of swaggerville... that's the d, the o is not a part of that.. swaggerville is our d fence :slight_smile: plus sales go to charity.. bunch of jerks tho eh? like.. teams celebrate all the time especially after good plays.. bombers do it and call it swaggerville and are having fun and people dont like it when players celebrate and are having fun? i dont get it.

No, 2/3rds of the Riders fans here are predicting a 2 score minimum Bomber victory. No, the Bombers get no respect at all. :stuck_out_tongue:

You crack me up, killer. 8)

Can you believe it? im getting beaten by a rug! no respect! no respect at all.

Rodney Dangerfield.

Teams get respect in the CFL only when they win the Grey cup. from that day until febuary when free agency starts.

Every year “montreal has lost a step. too many players. they wont get there again.” no repsect! no respect at all!

Bombers are favoured by 2.5, thus I expect a dandy of a game. On that note you just never know as the Riders could come out and win their first game of the season for Coach Miller for that matter. If not perhaps against Toronto who are in Regina on September 17th.

Pre-game time. I picked Winnipeg, but I'm not really feeling confident. :lol:

Living in Canada with no cable.....anyone got a link to a stream of the game on-line?