7-0 vs 0-7 who will win

So who will win this one? will Ham and Lions streaks continue or will they be broken?

My sense is the Lions will win this one if they are prepared and focused. I say this despite the reality that the first place team in any league is more likely to fall to the bottom place team than any one other team.

Why I am not so confident that Hamilton can win this game is that they are having a lot of on and off field issues it seems and with the QB situation unsettled it will take a huge game from them or some big complacency problems with the Lions for them to get the two points.

I suspect this Lion team is not about to get complacent. That is not the mark of a Wally Buono coached team.

Oh man this game is going to look like the 1st century defenselss Christians who were thrown to the lions. But these actually had heart and courage. The Ticats are going to mauled and torn alive by the Lions. This team is so stupidly run that you almost hope they get a good clobbering for their own good. I want to see these coaches fired. I want to see how much losing the ticats can ignore before they finally have the courage to do something significant in terms of change. No not just change. I mean a complete overhaul. Bob Young has lost me not as a fan but as financial supporter. I know he has 26 thousand others but I don't care about them. I'm tired of being ripped off and having to eat the company line of endless excuses.

You can bet that the coaches will once again utterly fail to make halftime adjustments. I can guarantee you that. It's a stupid team and I'm done thinking about them. All they're good for is ruinning great summers year in and year out. They will continue losing well into perpetuity unless Lancaster and the rest of his idiots, vacate their offices.

Lions 48
Puddy Cats 10

As much as I hate to say it. Were not gonna win a first game against a team that hasnt lost a game all season. Who knows this could be the first year a team goes undefeated through out an entire season or the first year a team goes winless in a season. Lets hope neither happen for everybody’s sake (no offence Lions fans) But again were not gonna win our first game against a team that just keeps getting better. Especially since we just seem to get worse :cry:

the ticats got killed by the bombers. i don’t see them winning angainst bc. there first win will come against toronto on sept 5. I HAVE SPOKEN

Toronto huh? Pretty brave prediction! If we can’t beat the Pegheads then how can we honestly expect beat the Argos? Sure it can happen, but we haven’t beat them in something like 15 games in a row.

Sorry, but good teams do not lose 15 times in a row to the same opponent. That is just plain denial of the largely looming reality that they’re progressing, growing and learning at about the same rate as a child on drugs…

They’ll keep admonishing you to hang in there and things will change. I can’t buy that because change is not merely hoped or wished for. Change is a verb. It is an action word. It is not a promise. It is an actively evolving process that creates an alternate reality.

Losers keep doing what they are doing. Winners are courageous enough to cut bait when it needs to be and make the neccessary changes that the knowledgeable fans demand and not give them this false hope load of pure crapola that things will change through patience. How much more patience can a Cats fan have for these administrative idiots after all these losing years. '99 was the last year we were any good. After that, Lancaster raped and killed this team and he is still in the home hiding in closet.

I could only hope it is true the Ticats will win their first game against the Argos.

I don’t think it will be Toronto that Ti cats get their first win but maybe in Sask.
What I am hearing is that Danny Mac might start against the Lions is this right?

The team 1040 in Vancouver had Danny on the phone today for an interview.... and while he didn't say who was going to start... it didn't sound like it was going to be him.

Team 1040 had Khari on today and he thinks it's going to be him that will be starting. I think I would worry more if Danny Mac was starting. He seems to throw for big yardage against the Lions and he has a quick release so it's harder to sack him.

I wish Brady was starting then I might feel a little bit more secure about a victory. Khari can get the job done if he is in form.

Khari will give us more fits than McManus. I think your chances just went up.

It doesn't matter if we started Dan Marino. If you can't catch the ball like for instance pancake hands Peterson, then what hope in hell do you have? At least Kahari will just be able to run it himself when his receivers leave him hung out to dry. I'm sorry but I must say it again because it makes me feel good. LANCASTER IS AN IDIOT!