6th Week Power Turkey Rankings

Six week in and the sky is clearing as to who are contenders and who are pretenders. This old Turkey sees it this way :cowboy: :

  1. Montreal Alouettes- Hot start again this season will let the Als run away with the East. But, complacency is always a danger and the really poor second half against the Riders is a concern.

  2. Calgary Stampeders- Keep winning and keep chasing the Als for the number one spot.
    Nice win on the road in B.C. but then again it was the Lions they were playing.

  3. Saskatchewan Roughriders- had the Riders come all the way back on the road in Montreal it would have been tough not to put them ahead of the Stamps as the number one team in the CFl. Riders need to put the ball into the end zone when they are in the red zone.

  4. Toronto ‘Miracle’ Argos- They keep defying the odds and winning but will the bubble burst??

  5. Hamilton Tiger-Cats- I’ll give the Ti-cats the benefit of the doubt because I believe Glenn is better than Jyles. But, they barely pulled it off in Steeltown. The rubber match will likely settle who comes third (or second ) in the East.

  6. Winnipeg Blue-Bombers- inconsistent and tough to read. Must beat the Ti-Cats to renew any faith in the team.

  7. Edmonton Esks- a heartwrenching loss to Toronto may just do the Esks in. Their only saving grace is that the Lions are just awful and giving them a chance to make the playoffs.

  8. B.C. Lions- a disaster. Enough said. Who does Wally turn to next game Jarious, Lulay or Casey and Finnegan??? Now questions as to who is the leader and quarterback may destroy the season for the hapless Lions. A disaster. And , of course , after a record 90 days of sunshine in Vancouver, it rained on game night at Empire. This is indicative of the Lions season thus far. But, folks this is just the first 3rd of the season. In an 8 team league anything can happen - just make the playoffs. :rockin:

these were my ranking last week:

so i agree with turkeys rankings 100%

the only change i have from last week to this week, is hamilton leap-frogging winnipeg....therefore, my rankings last week were bang-on!

I smell a cross-over this year!

yea, and for once it will be an eastern team crossing over to the west.

...holy moley Turk, same rankings as TSN...you should start getting paid for your insight...

Bang On Turkeybend!

Dont forget Montreal had 1 1st down in the 2nd half, meaning there def played the whole bloody game. Of course a QB is gonna throw that many yards if there on Offence the whole time. Montreal def stood up and stopped them in the red zone when they had 2.