65,000 expected Sunday in Montreal!!!

WOW!! They're expecting 65,000 Sunday!

No word yet or whether that includes all the cheerleaders.

Speaking of cheerleaders...

I think Braley should pony up some money and send the Felions there too!

I expect nothing less from Montreal. Playoffs are the one time of the year when all those who want to go can actually make it to a game.

Now THAT is a good suggestion! :rockin:

65,000? Wow! Man will that ever pump Printers up.lol As if he needs to be pumped up. :smiley:

its gonna be a scene man

If you have ever been inside BC Place when it is packed it presents an atmosphere that is unlike anything you can simulate on a practice field. It is loud and you can feel the place literally shaking when the cheering gets louder...very intimidating.I imagine this place will be very similar in volume though the air will be filled with frustrated shouts of "Sacre Bleu" and "Mon Dieu" as the Als choke again in the Big O!!!
After all,,,they lost the Big Dance their last year right?

Go Lions...!

I would guess that the Lions have probably played in front of the biggest crowds in the last 25 years more often than the other teams. Maybe were Canadas team.

Hey, hey, hey. Those are French expressions in France. Here in Quebec we say "tabarnak", "sacrament" or "maudit".

BTW, any of you guys will be there, making Geroy's corner at the Big Owe?

Go Als go!

I wish! have a good one without us - nuts.