620 CKRM "Roundtable"

As a rider fan I am always shaking my head at some idiots that call into the Rider Roundtable and assume that they that know everything about the team. They just shoot off at the mouth about something they know nothing about. Please, for all of our sake, do your homework, learn the game more, and then call in with a legitimate call rather than just ranting about the obvious, and reading the riot act after each game. Why do we even have the call in show after games?

I don't even listen to the roundtable anymore, and I think overall CKRM's production is getting worse.

Who is the guy that does the statistics, he's always getting them wrong and making mistakes.

I know what you are talking about. Drew Remenda sports show has a few callers that sound more and more ignorant with every word that comes out of their mouth.

This one guy phones in one day and asks Drew (the host) why players are constantly runing out of bounds after they catch the ball instead of fighting for a couple more yards. It may sound like a legitimate complaint but it doesn't happen every play, he only thinks it does because he is looking for it to happen.

The next day Matt Dominguez is on the show taking calls and the same guy phones in to ask Matt the same question. Only he adds " well you don't do it" at the end of his question to Matt.

Dominguez replies, "Ha, well I think it is because those hits add up."

Thanks for the call Jack-Ash! If he would have used one shred of common sense he could have answered that question himself.

Not only that, it's like that caller was acting as though getting hammered on time and time again is no big deal.

"Gawd, . . . such an Idiot." - Napolean Dynamite