Rider fans are calling in about the game, it's gonna be good!

The first caller should be ashamed to call himself a Rider fan. One bad game and we gotta fire all our defense. What a lamo.

Go Riders!!
Down with lame ass Rider fans!!!

Agreed. He didn't know what he was talking about.

FYI -- The people who call into the show are regular callers. These people are the ignorant, naieve ones who spout off at the mouth, and throw crap on Paul McCallum's lawn. I live in Saskatchewan and am an avid Rider fan, and listen to 620 CKRM for play by play and post game stats and interviews, then I shut my radio off when the Roundtable comes on. I agree with you guys that most people that call in don't know the game, and don't what they are talking about, they end up getting into verbal spats with the hosts. There was another host of the show in past seasons and he would tell callers they were ignorant and stupid. (which is true), I loved when he got fired up. But as you can tell, he no longer works there. I agree with you guys, every week is the same, " blah blah blah, fire Danny Barrett, release Nealon, people have gotten on there and said " the Riders organization are racists, most of the coaches are black, all black QBs, none of the white players are getting playing time." crap like that. That is my rant.

I get the same thing here after the hockey games. I love listening to 10 year olds(real 10 year olds) calling in and telling us what the coaches and players are doing wrong. :roll: