60's I Hope to the End of Talk Ottawa back in the CFL.

I know I am Take A Lot heat For Saying this
But The If The New Ottawa CFL Owners Can't get deal done in 60 Days
It is time to let Ottawa Die.. It is a Hockey Town and not worth The CFL's Time and Effort
To The new Owners better get Deal done Quick;y .. Or The CFL Is Dead in Ottawa in 60's days.
This will be your 3'rd Strike ... Boys Three Strikes you out ..
There are Better Markets out there in Quebec City and Halifax
Given them Conditional Frannys the same did with Ottawa that saying so many year to get a Stadium.

I Talk more about this In my Rant on my Site

ottawa has had bad owner ship, bad teams and bad playing facilities that has held it back from being successful, or at least concerning the renegades. I dont think the market is bad, there is ottawa of near a million and gatineua with 200 000 across teh river. How can it be proveed that halifax abd quebec city arer better markets, neither have had ateam

Football is Thriving in Quebec and has Been for awhile..
Laval has led the Charge along with Al's It only Right they offer Quecbec City a Team in Time.

Onknight, every city, town and village in Canada is first and foremost a hockey town in one form or another. Even Hamilton. Don't let the abysmal attendance of the Dogs fool you. However, that doesn't mean another sport or sometimes two at whatever level can't work. The CFL is still around and not doing too badly and the Blue Jays, Raps, TFC are not doing too bad along with some other soccer markets and lacrosse markets and baseball as well.

I agree though, this 60 day period has to work or that is the end of trying to put a team in Ottawa.

If the Ottawa Sports and Entertainment Group and the City of Ottawa cannot reach an agreement to develop Lansdowne Park, the topic of CFL expansion will return to pipedream status for at least the next ten years. Although there is a strong market for football in Quebec and southwestern Ontario and some interest in Atlantic Canada, no serious potential CFL investors have come forward in Quebec City, London, Halifax, or Moncton and none of those cities will be contributing to the construction of a stadium to host professional football in the foreseeable future.

I think that they should keep tryin till they get a team. it seams not right for the nations capital not to have a team in the country's only true national league. if they get one, i vow to drive out to at least 2 games a year.

All CFL Has today is Public Say there Looking for owners and Screen them
Then top People get The Same Deal Ottawa has a Condition Franchise
if they Get a Stadium that fits 25,000 or more

I for one really hope that Ottawa retains and maintains a CFL franchise. Ottawa has a long rich history with the CFL and not only is it scandalous that our national capital doesn't have a team in this beautiful purely-Canadian sports league that we proudly embrace, but it would also mean that my beloved Blue Bombers will finally return to where we've always belonged and where our hearts truly lie ... in the WEST.

Ottawa fell through the cracks twice in a decade. The majority of the people there only like soccer anyways. Why waste your time and watch another team fall through the cracks in 2 years? 8 teams is cool. But if your going to bring Ottawa into the CFL again bring in another team to keep things even.

I find it funny that it was only a couple of years ago that Ottawa even in their worst seasons was out drawing Hamilton and Toronto in attendance. The problems in ottawa were ownership and a horrible lease arrangement with the city.

There could be a chance that the Ticats could move to Ottawa if there are no Pan Am games. I know its a rumour but my sources say it would be win win for Bob Young and the Ottawa ownership - no franchise fee.............we could then still have 8 healthy franchises. Ottawa is in a much better postition to survive the ecomonomy downturn and there is a lot of money to be invested in Ottawa. Can't say the same about "rusty horshoe"

for god's sake onknight, what the hell are you saying here? can't make sense of your topic heading, can't make a damn bit of sense what you tryin to say in your post and you don't know what you talkin 'bout. post on something you know about-tiger-cats football.please...am i alone here?
stewy griffin.

Alot Tech Nerds don't like football
there Real out cry it Ticats Moved to ottawa.
Won't happen

If the CATS had seen the Grant years followed by the Ottawa ownership (instead of Bob Young) our franchise would be long gone, the stadium would be coming down and people would say Hamilton is not a football town. I live in NS and I can tell you flat out there is zero chance of a publically funded stadium anywhere in Atlantic Canada. A CFL team in the Maritimes is beyond even a pipe dream. Things may not work out in Ottawa, but CAT fans in Hamilton "dissing" the Ottawa market ignores the reality of history. Anyway, ONKNIGHT always gets a little jumpy without his football fix! Don't worry friend, the season is around the corner. In the meantime, lets wish the Ottawa folks the best. Cheers

I am going to quite a bit this year lol NSK.
Starting this weekend Coaching Clinic in Burlington I am going to.
Trying to get my Level 1 Coaching Papers.

I am coaching this year in BMFA House league Peewee Div (13 14 15 year olds)
Coaching Wide Receivers and Slots and TE's in
Start in Aug for the Coaching .

Plus Ticats Camp is only 5 weeks away :rockin: COME ON LET GO !!
I am tired of sitting inside..