6000 yards passing

Tonight the top 2 passers in the CFL square off at the half way mark. Both have a shot (Rickey Ray has a better shot) at 6000 yards this season.
Ray needs 198 for 3000
Calvillo needs 421 for 3000
Is it possible to have 2-6000 yrd passers in the same season?

Now before the Calgary and Toronto fans jump all over me and say that Calvillo has 40 yards less than Allen and 99 less than Buris, AC has only played 8 games, Buris and Allen have both played 9.

but i think burris could really get alot of yards this season, and kevin glenn will pass for about 5,000 because hes on fire!

Forget Glenn, he has only 1394 yards with only 7 games left.He need to average 515 for the rest of the season to hit 5000.
Buris is half way to 5000

but glenn would had gotten their if you would had played all season glen will get at least 4,200 at least and thats good for the amount of games hes played!

Never been real big on these kinds of stats, guess its something for them
to look back on when careers over. So many things besides a good qb
go into this stat.

even 4200 is to high
that a 400 yrd/ game average
figue 3700 to 3800

I think both Ray and Calvillo will pass for 6000 this year

That would be interesting. Ray has the better shot though, If AC does it would be the first ever back to back 6000 yard season. If he gets 5000 I think he will be the first QB with 4 consecutive 5000 yard seasons

How come your basing that on only 10.5 games?

A 400 yard average would give you 7200 yards for the season.

Neither will get 6000 yards this season.

It will be a great double header tonight but who gives a rat's butthole about all that. A Grey Cup is the only thing that matters. The CFL is a passing league, we better have some QB's down here making plays. Even the Grandfathers.

Keep The Drive Alive

Go BOMBERS... If Glenn throws for 120 yards and the BOMBERS win, then 2 points is alot better then 3000 yrds passing or 6000 and no Grey Cup. :mrgreen:

he is talking about Kevin Glenn, and he means if he gets 400yds a game for the rest of the season. At least that is what i think he means, i am too lazy to do the simple math.

Are not ALLEN and DAVE.............the leagues top passers?

Isn't ALLEN second........in all the good passing catagories.?

And isn't DAVE D.............. in first............DAVE, has also only play 8 games. :smiley:

But Glenn has 1394 yards now and if he averages 400 yd/game for the next 9 games left in the season he will end up with 4994 yars. To get 4200 yards he'll have to average about 312 yds/games. Oh well doesn't matter, just the math guy in me coming out.


Ray 2802 yrds after 8 games
Buris 2678 after 9 games
Allen 2619 after 9 games
Calvillo 2579 after 8 games
Joseph 2318 after 8 games
Dickenson 2175 after 8 games

Like I said in the beginnig Buris and Alen are ahead of AC but have one more game Calvillo need 99 yards to take 2nd.

What is all the good passing catagories? I am only talking about yards

TD passes , # of interceptions...


He needed to make it about Toronto some how. And you beat me to it, I was about to post the same exact thing.

What crap........................I did also wrote about, DAVE D.........as well..........give me a break. :lol:

We could also add WINS.

B.C. ..............8 and 0 [7 and 0 for D.D.]

ARGOS.............. 6 and 3

My math is correct but I used 7 games instead of 9 games left :oops:
5000 yards - 1394 that he has is a balance of 3606 divided by 9 games left means he need 400 yards per games to get 5000. For 4200 he needs 311 per game

Glen could get 4200 but not 5000

Ray has a chance, so does Calvillo if anderson comes back, but Ray only has a chance if the running game improves