6000 GC tickets for sale on Saturday

The Grey Cup isn't exactly an event like the Super Bowl where I believe the NFL has strict rules for distribution of tickets.

What was the price of tickets for this year's Grey Cup.

The last one in Vancouver was around $200 a ticket I paid for (10 tickets)

Will try to find it and post on here.

I had the exact opposite experience. The vast majority of Rider fans I know or observed were not on the Bombers bandwagon. Although most that I have spoken with were not happy that the Argos won but rather that Winnipeg lost.

I have been a season ticket holder (with only a couple of years break) since 1986, including when I lived 3 hours away one-way. I started attending 9 years into our 11 year streak of not making the playoffs.
I attend a great number of games in all types of weather from minor football to highschool to junior to university and the CFL. ( I did give my tickets to my great-nephew who is a university student and couldn't afford to go and he took some friends so the tickets were NOT wasted.) I have sat through rain, hail, snow and blistering heat. I would not call myself a fair weather fan as you seem to imply.

Since you ask, I feel I have the right to explain why I did not want to go to see a game featuring the Blue Bombers. It started many years ago as we were leaving the old Taylor Field after a Labour Day. The BB had won and we were walking down the ramp and had our 4 year old son with us. Some rather drunk and obnoxious BB fans went out of there way to verbally attack my son over his "pathetic team" . They would not stop even when I stepped in. I have never had a good time with BB fans at Labour Day but thought that might be an exception.
We went to the 2011 Grey Cup in Vancouver with the intention of cheering for the BB. While there and proudly wearing our Rider gear at the festival activities, we actually had BB fans (not all were as rude but many were downright nasty) come across the room to get in our face and ask why we would come to a GC when the Riders weren't there. We said that we were cheering for them but they replied "they didn't want any f'ing loser Rider fans cheering for them". We enjoyed watching BC win the next day.
Some of our family went to a Banjo Bowl. There were a number of Rider fans vehicles parked together that were severely vandalized after the game.
We went to Winnipeg to watch a U-16 minor Tournament (Red River Cup) and watched Manitoba fans be absolutely brutal to other teams fans in the stands. Manitoba was beating Nova Scotia terribly and the Manitoba fans wanted to fight the Nova Scotia parents who were there.
During that trip, we had "Saskatchewan" colours on and had difficulty getting served in restaurants.
I was quite certain that the BB were going to win and my past experiences caused me to feel the being in the stands with BB fans in the probable event of a three-peat would be extremely unpleasant.
Now before you think I am just sour on BB fans, I met a group of about 10 young guys before this Labour Day in a local grocery store. They were wearing Blue and I was wearing Green. I helped them find what they were looking for and directed them to a local "store" where they could buy other supplies. They were extremely polite and friendly. However, that positive was quickly reversed the next day by more unfriendly BB fans in the stands.

Thanks for the opportunity to rant a bit about why I did not want to go to the GC game live and in person. If it had been any other western team, I would have been there, quite literally, with bells.


Sorry to hear about your experience.

It's a fair reason to not attend because of the Bombers fans.

I don't feel they represent the true CFL fan as they are known to be polite and respectful inspite of which team to for.

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True, Not all fans can be judged by the few. I have learned though that the best indication of future behavior is past behavior. It may just be how they act when they come to Mosaic. I realize that most who come to the games like LDC or GC (and true of Rider fans as well) are those who care deeply and want to party and celebrate. Often that gets out of hand, unfortunately.


I wanted to mention that not all Bomber fans behave like the few that did.

Wanted to clarify just in case I get heat with painting them all with one paintbrush :paintbrush:.

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It sounds like your experiences with BB fans are similar to my experiences with Vancouver fans (I say Vancouver because my experiences extend across multiple sports and teams)

FWIW, I have worn Rider colours in Winnipeg multiple times, including after LD and Banjo Bowl wins, and not had similar issues, just friendly banter. But given your described experiences, I fully understand where you are coming from. Those kinds of repeated incidents do leave a lasting mark.

Great answer but honestly you don't really have to justify or explain anything to him . The guy is full of assumptions and bravado and frankly and bluntly it's really none of his business as to why you chose not to go .

I could honestly see him being upset if he put his money where his mouth is but it's rather obvious that he wasn't even in attendance and was watching the game himself from the comforts of his couch .


Thanks bobo82!

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Your more than welcome . :beers: :smiley:

It’s too bad you’ve had such bad experiences but I’ve gotta think that is an anomaly. There have been many conversations on this forum about fans from other teams. I have had Bomber season tickets since the early 90’s with a couple of breaks like yourself. I have partied and interacted with fans from all teams but probably mostly from Saskatchewan for obvious reasons. I have generally found Saskatchewan fans to be great although I have certainly encountered obnoxious ones. I even met “The Flame”, Sandy Monteith, at a Jets game in the 80’s and partied all night with him.

I think it is fair to say that the fans of all teams are mostly good but that all teams have bad fans. We saw some of that this year with your fans that supported Garret Marino even though anyone sensible knows that it was only a small minority. It appears that you have run into the same small minority of bad Bomber fans more often than chance would dictate. I can assure you that we are not the Philadelphia of the north when it comes to sports fans.


correct...assumption and false bravado makes fans say what is being said in a negative way here. Then when in the stands act the way the asshats acted... I will say ALL teams have those jerks and alcohol and a bunch of young idiots whose mommies never spanked them make it worse...but I may say it is a small step from the negative words being said here to jerks acting bad in the stands when you legitimise your trash talk here on these forums with conjecture and gut feelings as your prime evidence for your negativity.


Words of wisdom.


My experience here is that, with your buddies, some will try to show off, & prove their bravado by aggressive behavior, knowing they have back-up. Gang mentality.


there are Darwin awards but here on this site we can settle for lifetime ignore awards.


Speaking of being a complete fool, take this "genius" observation of yours that hosting a Vanier Cup Game on the same weekend and in the same city as the Grey Cup Game was a bad idea because it would cut into "fans" drinking time in various hospitality suites:

Heaven forbid that fans be given alternatives to drinking!


Narles I'm sorry you've experienced so much negativity from Winnerpeg fans, your comments are not much different from my personal experiences from Riders and Winnipeg fans alike, as I said I lived in Saskatchewan off & on beyond 10 years. I've been draged out of bars and ruffed up. I've had my Bombers jersey physically ripped off my body while on a bus in Regina, I was meeting up with friends at a East end Regina restaurant my wife and I were about 15 minutes early so we went in to wait in the lobby, in a few minutes a manager came over and asked me what are you doing here I said waiting for friends, he said do you have a different shirt no was my reply, I was asked to wait outside, I refused. When our friends arrived, she was a regular there and tore a strip off the manager, Ha Ha our meal was complementary, I had a car sideswiped me while walking in a Walmart parking lot, he literally turned his car towards me then jerked it back, a couple of people came over to assist me.... And many more negative experiences. My son a Argo fan has had similar experiences you've had in Winnipeg he was spit at had beer splashed on him french fries tossed at him while wearing his Argo's jersey at a Bomber game, my brother wearing his Calgary jersey at a Bomber / Stamps had his back window smash out. My nephew attended a game in Calgary 2 people had Bombers jerseys on and his father had a Calgary jersey, while taking with several people at the tailgate party, an officer walked over, told the two Bomber clad fans to dumb out their beers, they ask why only them everybody here has a beer, they issued those two a ticket for open liquor. They never paid.

I guess my point is they're a$$holes everywhere, I don't let the negative ones get to me.


I travel quite a bit...in non Covid times...other that totally drunk asshats in sporting venues. I might add, mostly young but by no means do the other age groups wish to not be included in that asshatery. But away from the above meantioned venues, when I cm on the beach somewhere or in some other fsr away destination almost ALL fans. Of every stripe are well behaved human beings.... Politics on the other hand in the past 6 years .... WOW, no way can you say the same thing


Yes. My wife and myself traveled regularly south to warmer climates B.C. ( before COVID), we see many different shits sporting their teams, for the most part it opens up a friendly conversation.

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You said the Grey Cup, Vanier AND the Junior Title game on the same weekend. Why are you changing anther thread comment and only picking the part that suites that ludicrous idea that may be feasable?