6000 GC tickets for sale on Saturday

I saw seats last week for 150 apiece. Not primo seats, but not too bad. I think that's pretty cheap for a championship game. But yes, add in gas, possibly hotel, time, etc., and there's a lot of people who would rather spend that money on Christmas for the kids, or food, or heat bills. Its a tough year going on.

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I seriously considered buying tickets from the many offered on FB but
the lack of accommodations helped put that thought to bed. Speaking of beds, the over inflated price for one in Regina and area of all types is disgusting. I understand that the marketplace dictates price but, the fact that hotel rooms booked over a year ago were canceled without notification when the hotels realized they could charge a premium, there's a difference between charging what the market will bear and price gouging.
Add to that the fact I could fly to Paris, France cheaper than flying from Winnipeg to Regina ($1000) is ludicrous.


WTF? That is just crazy! :astonished:

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Airlines in Canada are crazy in general. Whenever a decent option presents itself, Air Canada takes advantage of its unique government funding to engage in hugely predatory pricing to drive the new competitor out, and once that is accomplished, they return to their rip-off pricing

I would but not like they will reply

Nope! Most Riders fans do not want to go because the BB are there.

The Rider fans need to get over themselves. This game is about the CFL and not just one team!


And the attendance issues have been league-wide and getting worse for several years.

This is a league issue and not the fault of one team's fans


I wonder how many sales were corporate purchases that simply went unused. yesterday looked like the lower bowl of a mid-week Leaf game.

I can see trying to resell them especially to Bomber fans but if someone doesn't get a sale, why waste hundreds of dollars to not go?

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You cannot judge the rider fans from one fans post here. Most all rider fans i know were cheering for the Bombers. The seats were sold out well before the riders were out of the game. There were not enough hotel rooms in Regina for out-of-town ticket holders either... not just a few rooms short mind you but THOUSANDS of hotel rooms short. I know people in BC that were looking for rooms in Regina and Moose jaw since summer and could only find a hotel in saskatoon for a grey cup in regina... ridiculous to thing that was the only option for out of town fans for a grey cup.... the only way a regina cup works is when the hometown is actually in the cup final because of the hotel situation.
Ticket master also played a roll in this too as they would not allow prices to drop below a certain level for resale of tickets

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Whaaa?! And on this day dogs will lie with cats and water will run uphill, verily…

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He's right, though... there were more here cheering for blue than double-blue

Never would’ve imagined, but good on ya…

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I thought that it was hard to tell for a while but late in the game you could hear the cheers much louder for Winnipeg.

I've stated my opinion as to why a number of times, so I won't repeat it again here.... :wink:

If it were true that some Rider's fans didn't attend the game because they didn't want to watch the Bombers win another Grey Cup.... they would probably feel worse now. They spent the money for a ticket and missed the Bombers loosing....boy oh boy Winnipeg sure showed them, Right?

Rider fans hate Cowtown waaaay more than the bombers.... Fact of life in sask

So why then were you trying to sell your tickets? Were all four of you down with the plague or something?

Or are you just a fair weather fan? I thought you fellows in Saskatchewan prided yourselves on being hardcore Canadian football fans?


With Roughrider fans (narles etc.) showing no interest in supporting Canada's National Festival and Regina's hoteliers gouging on room rates (upwards of $1000!), a reckoning is in order. Regina shouldn't be considered as a Grey Cup host site for at least 35 years.


Very disappointing seeing empty seats for the Grey Cup in an already smaller venue. Another black eye for the league who has suffered plenty already this year

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