60 to 74 and want to get the COVID vaccine ASAP? Appts at pharmacies are now available

The UK and Israel both decided to delay the second shot up to 3 or 4 months. Our Scientists used these examples to make our decision to do the same. With the new variants, I don't think Canada had any choice. I think sticking to the 21 and 28 day intervals would have initially caused many more deaths and complications to our health system. What long term damage we will face by delaying the doses is still an unknown.
The real question, pertaining to the CFL, is will people with just one dose be allowed into stadiums if some fans are allowed back in?


Alberta's Jason Kenny said yesterday that if the province achieves 75% first dose vaccine coverage most things can go back to normal.

Kenney said Alberta is well on its way to providing any adult who wants a vaccine their first dose by the end of June.

"Potentially we could look forward to lifting almost all restrictions — fairs and festivals would be able to proceed," Kenney said of the potential for further reopening of society by the end of June.

Sounds promising, but we'll see how it works out.

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First let me say that currently, the process being followed to get as many people one dose is arguably the best one right now. What? He has given in?

Not quite. As I said the best method would be to follow the manufacturers’ suggested dosing intervals – 21 days for the Pfizer and 28 days for Moderna. This is what their successful clinical trial data was based on (yes there is ample large scale controlled dosing studies done (the initial clinical trials of each drug) to support that recommendation). My point was that there was no large scale controlled dosing schedules studies (clinical trials) for a 4 month dosing schedule. This makes us the subjects of a “population level experiment” as indicated by Mona Nemer Canada’s chief science adviser.

“British Columbia's decision to extend to four months the interval between first and second doses of three different vaccines amounts to a "population level experiment," said Mona Nemer, Canada's chief science adviser.”

Due to the federal government’s failure to procure a large enough supply quickly enough to satisfy our anticipated demand we are forced into this experiment (as it is (hopefully!) the lesser of two evils). I am not however blaming any one party or government for this disaster, as I am sure that they took advice from the medical experts at the time (who since this was a novel corona virus largely made educated guesses as to the best course of action).

At the time of the outbreak back in March 2020 Canada lacked any large scale vaccine production facilities – hence we would be unable to produce our own supply once a vaccine was approved for use. We would be “relying on the kindness of others” in other words. All national governments first priority must be protection of their own citizens before thinking of others. I don’t blame those other governments and am frankly surprised we were allowed to receive any vaccines. At the same time the UK also lacked large scale vaccine production. The UK may have done a lot of things wrong as well, but at least they invested in initiating large scale vaccine production. I would say that they did not go far enough as they are currently spreading out the dosage schedules (to 3 months) due to a shortage of supply.

(Here I would like to add a confirming link to verify what I stated (from memory) about Canada and the UK’s relative equality in not having the ability to produce large quantities of vaccines in short order, but alas Google has failed me. I do recall seeing this in the news however).

Of course hind-sight is 20/20, and we should try to look forward to instead of backwards. I am merely peeved that we (Canada) did not immediately look into initiating vaccine production capacity back in March 2020. I truly hope that this 4 month schedule does not impact anyone (those with compromised immune systems for example) in the most negative way – getting infected.

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Some more support for the delayed dose today.

While I think we should not be delaying the second dose, it's important to note that the intervals were not based on any science other than it was the soonest possible they could trial a 2 dose vaccine, given the urgency it wouldn't have made sense to delay it "just cause".

Again I'm not supporting the decision, but Pfizer and Moderna didn't do any trials that actually show that what Canada is doing will be any less effective after two doses than a lesser interval.

Yes, and they also didn't do any trials that actually show that what Canada is doing will be anywhere near as effective as after two doses for the shorter interval.

BTW: I am now scheduled for my first jab on Sunday, April 11. My second jab is scheduled for Sunday, August 1. Since I don't have a compromised immune system like my buddy Dave (he got his first jab this week and is scheduled for his second in July) who is a leukemia survivor, I am not as concerned about my prospects as I am for his and others in his cohort.

A "one size fits all solution" can have terrible medical consequences.

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I get it and I agree. But many believe that Day 21 is the exact day in time that you MUST get this second shot, and that's simply not true.

But you're right, is the tolerance 26 days? 41? 67? We don't know yet.

All we know is that 21 days works.

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