60,000 SUNDAY !!!!!!!!!!(multi merged)

I heard today that the western final has only 21000.00 seats sold is that true? does any body have an update?

If that is the case we are only looking at about 37000.00. Not again.

Hope that the Riders make it .... that will boost interest and attendance

hope so.Made a mistake read it wrong close to 30.000 have been sold sorry.

Where did you hear the report dupsdell?

After last year's crowd, I'm just hoping they can break 40,000. Anything beyond that would be a bonus.

Hopefully a good number of fans from outside of the Lower Mainland plan on coming to the game. Being a long weekend should help.

heard it on the radio

We have our tickets....where are the rest of those "fans"?

For a population that we have, and the fact that the game is in the afternoon, and BC Ferries is available, anything under 40,000 will be an embarrasment.

Geez if I can make it down from the Cariboo........

of course, wadda ya expect? All those 60,000 that paid $ 140 or more per ticket for the Gtey Cup last year expecting to see the Lions at the Big Dance at home, but no luck.

How many times do you wanna kick the fans? You don’t blow the season like the Lions did last year and expect not to piss some fans off.

Some fans will decide not to show up at the Western Final as a way to protest what happened last year, the way the whole season was squandered away, irregardless of how “exciting” the 2004 WDF may have been. Memories die hard. I guess you’re only as good as your last performance, and last year’s WDF still smells bad.

Jeff Patterson suggests Lions fans have their heads in their butts. This stupid sports town has their big collective head up their butt.

come on people buy your tickets. im comin up from the okanogan for this game.

We are going to do a lot better this year ,we are already ahead in ticket sales about 40% more than last year, once this winnipeg is over this year and if the lions can put on a good performance, we will at least get 46-47 thousand for th wf, if sask in it over 50.000.

You can't count last year (Grey Cup was next week). This year the Western Final is back as the "big game". If reports of 30,000 being sold are true, then we should cruise to at least 40-45,000 being there for the Stampeders. If its the Riders then up that total by another 5-10,000.

The key last time was how the radio stations were giving what seemed like hourly reports on the rate of ticket sales starting a week before the game. Created huge hype! By the time Sunday rolled around, it was the talk of the town.

That is true, but what i am affraid of is that the lions should be advertising this game more, so far thier has been no advertisment in the province or sun about this game ,i hope they don't think that they can just leave it of the media until the last week and then push it, if they do that, big mistake, they could be easiley pushing this game right know, but i guess they do not want to forget about the last game of the year. And i also think that Bob Aclkles does not care how many people come to the wf,he is going to be leaving us next year any way.

We have to remember the Lions don't exactly have the same marketing budget as Orca Bay and as dupsell mentioned, their current focus is on selling the Winnipeg game and it looks to be going well.

I expect the Western Final promotional drive will hit full swing come Sunday and the Lions will have 2 weeks to push ticket sales.

If it gets to the points where they are opening up both sides of the upper bowl, Ackles should call a press conference to hype it up and magnify the demand for tickets.

Lions will get 40,000 people.

I think they will get more than that they are already at 30.000 i heard on the radio,

With three weeks left i say, 45-50 thousand

I'll be there and I'm travelling in from Northern Alberta. So all you fair weather Lions fans get off your butts and get a ticket to the "big game"

I'm definitly going to get a ticket asap. I will definitly be there if it doesn't sell out.


The people who are going to show up, are going to show up. The trend the last 10 or so years is a lower than expected turn out. 1) Tickets have to all be renewed for season ticket holders, seperate bill, 2) There are not as many sponsorship tickets, 3) The blackout is lifted and many people want to hold parties at home, and be cheapskate. When Edmonton host the Final thier worst crowds of the year are the West Finals. And thier tickets are included in ticket packages. They are the ones who dont go anyways,lol. 4) Take your average crowd and add 3000 to 4000(except Sask which brings only about 2-3000 extra cause most are Lions season ticket holders. Would love to see the crowds you guys are talking about, but the novelty has worn off a tad and there is no printers to sell. Anyways, longwinded and a prediction of 38,200(hope I'm wrong), and the other side of upper deck will be open like last years Western Final. Will be fun no matter what. They better not loose,lol.

I say at least 46,000

will 7/11 sel tickets for this game?