60,000 for Casey Printers debut Friday vs. Riders?

60,000 for Casey Printers debut Friday night vs. the Riders?



Not with CP still on the practice roster. If he was activated for the game I think a more realistic number would be 35,000

Bottle of Lepage Glue.....inhaled it too many times!

No, the key is that it will be the game against the Riders. The Lions could put Reggie Slack in at QB, and there will still be 20,000 Rider fans at the game to prop up attendance numbers! :slight_smile:

But I think they would need more than a week to sell that place out, and they are going to have less than 6 days notice if/when they announce Printers is starting.


Unless you guys are counting on 40,000 riders fans more than the usual 5000 showing up at the game.

Trust me, the Printers fan club isnt the type who actually buys tickets.

...you're still around sport.....i thought you were in hiding after the Printers signing....Are you ready to admit he's your qb. of the future...or are you gonna get some of that Lepages.... :lol:

i thought he woulda made an awesome b ackup for burris, especially with burris sort of on the down side of the hill of his career. i think you guys are blessed to have him back. i think it could go somewhere if he werks under wally without complaining. i would buy a ticket if he was playing.

LOL! Yeah and the HST is going to get canned. Nice one.

Hey he didn't say 60,000 what?

My guess would be empty seats.

Paper bag is ready! :? :?

I hope Wally has him on a very, very, very short leash. If his BS from 2005 comes up again.....cut him!

...or slightly less. (like about 25,000 less) 8)