60,000+ at Montreal Impact home opener (MLS)

over 60,000+ are expected at Olympic Stadium for Montreal Impact's home opener against Chicago Fire...
(7,000 temporary seats have been added to meet the tremendous demand)


Hopefully, Montreal fans will provide a decent home opener for the Als as well this year. :thup:

The Expos are just old memories now in Montreal. Culture of soccer and watching the game is foreign to me and not my thing but it sure is popular or becoming so in tbis country.

Commissioner of MLS predicts it will be easy to find an owner of a 2nd New York team once the stadium is built, at $100 mill entrance fee, wow, didn't think I'd see that for an MLS team:

[url=http://www.goal.com/en-us/news/1110/major-league-soccer/2012/03/09/2956677/mls-commisioner-don-garber-confirms-league-is-focused-on-new]http://www.goal.com/en-us/news/1110/maj ... sed-on-new[/url]

$100 million for an MLS expansion franchise?

The ROI cannot be very lucrative, if at all.

To my scant knowledge, the CFL easily surpasses MLS viewer ratings in Canada, encompasses greater turnstile count and inherits a rich historical legacy yet has major difficulties attracting franchise interest with business leaders and municipalities, while such entrance fees may be as little as 10-15 million.

something is amiss.... :?

Weird angle but the new world out there consists of a lot of soccer fans dying to do their thing and Canada is so multicultural now where these people “get” soccer and it’s culture. And the US obviously as well.

Can you say ponzi scheme?

I don't know, 2 NY teams might just work with a huge rivalry and as I say with all the multiculturals around, could end up blowing baseball away, maybe even the NFL. Just saying... :? Not sure what the KKK might say about that. :wink: Ok, sick humour there perhaps, but maybe some reality actually. :?

Not going to happen at what 100M?
The Impact were not willing to pay the going rate at $40M and paid around $32M, which is still crazy money for a dying league.

MLS ain't dying ArgoT IMHO.

its not as healthy as you make it out to be

The most populated city in the USA with a large ethnic community, and with David Beckham played in the championship game, a game that for most leagues is the most watched game of the season

the MLS a league thats predominately American teams and focuses on American TV, Sponsorship, and support got a 0.8 rating on ESPN

60,000 fans are not going to watch MLS soccer weekly it was a home opener probably will be the largest game in their history

[url=http://articles.businessinsider.com/2011-11-22/sports/30427956_1_mls-nascar-david-beckham]http://articles.businessinsider.com/201 ... id-beckham[/url]

It's not uncommon for Canadians to pack stadiums for "one-off" soccer games, like the 40,000 in Vancouver who came out to see Beckham in an exhibition game; or the over 30,000 in Edmonton for a girl's international soccer game a few years back; the 60,000 in Montreal or the over 40,000 in Toronto for the recent international soccer game.

The attendance for MLS games is another matter. TFC's fanbase has been slowly eroding each season, they no longer sellout their 20,000-seat stadium. The Whitecaps in Vancouver saw a drop in season's tickets sales this season after drawing about 17,000 for most games last year (which was one of the MLS' top attendances.)

In the U.S. the MLS outlook is pretty bleak once you get by the Seattle Sounders and their surprising fan support. With an announced crowd of 7,700 for a recent Whitecaps vs Chivas game in the U.S (the actual crowd looked closer to 77), the attendance for most U.S. teams has been very soft for many years.

MLS TV ratings in the U.S. are a disaster. Some games on Fox are drawing a 0/0 share (which is assigned the minimum 58,000 rating) while national MLS games on ESPN are lucky to draw 200,000 viewers. The MLS ratings are generally very soft in Canada also, with the CBC for example, drawing only 40,000 viewers for an TFC game which was going up against an European soccer game...before they dropped the MLS.

Should the CFL be worried? Not really. The biggest drawback to the MLS is their season largely overlaps the CFL. But I don't think the fan-bases overlap very much. You could probably hold a CFL game and MLS game at the same time in the same city and pack both stadiums (ok, maybe not in Toronto, what a great football town!) :wink:

Interesting Xv. Also I notice mixed messages where I heard Beckham say during an interview after that game in Toronto at the RC that it was great to have a large crowd and that this is the stadium they should be looking at for TFC (something to that effect). So in effect he's saying BMO isn't really all that great afterall even though the TFC fans love it and supposedly don't like the RC from what I have been reading all along.