60,000 and counting

Larry Smith was on CJAD radio this morning....He said they will be making another ticket sales announcemnt, prob today....
Seeing how I cant see them making a big announcement over 61 or 62,000. Im sure its now up to at least 65,000

Seems I was right about the 61 and 62 but wrong about the 65!

Its now at 63,000

Still a pretty big crowd!

This site


Lists the population of the top 300 cities in Canada
Tomorrow,The Big O will be in 46th place!

Not bad at all!!!

Just been update, over 66,000 now. Hope the Stamps have strong signing skills :smiley:

I hope they sell it out and set a new record!!!!

Scarry to think what the crowd (actual bums in the seats....not paid attendance)would of been if it was an all Alberta Grey Cup!!!!

It STILL would have been a HUGE crowd, since most of those seats were already sold. Besides, Montréal fans aren't so chauvinistic that they wouldn't show up just because the Als were out of it. People didn't stay away in 2005 in Vansterdam and they wouldn't in Montréal either.

Did anyone happen to catch the official number? My brother and I missed it when they announced it.

I doubt the numbers would have been lower had it been an all west cup....The last cup in MOntreal, when Mtl didnt not play they had 65,000

Damn, that's a big crowd. Congrats Montreal on putting asses in the seats. :smiley:

It was pretty impressive
Traffic was hell too…good thing I know ways around it

Coming back downtown on Metro wasn't nearly as bad as I was expecting.

But for the glum faces on many..............

It looked to me like it was going to be hell!
At least in the downtown direction

Yes it looked that way at first, but it really wasn't that bad.

I wonder what the TV numbers were like - I didn't see that posted anywhere yet...didn't really look too hard either but maybe somebody knows?