60,000 and counting

Capacity is 65 000, but they were expecting 68000+

People have to understand for the people who arnt big football fans, its hard to pay 140$ during this economic times. You arnt going to put up 560$ especialy with xmas coming up.

Actually they were going to put in enough temp seats to hit 70.
The record is 68,316

On an unrelated note... If I remember correctly from Grade School, the French put the dollar sign at the end, right? I've seen you do it a few times. It's so weird to see because I'm used to putting it at the front. :lol:

Yeah.. hg it's [b]560[/b] ... [u]NOT[/u] .... 560

(rolls eyes).. that's a little pet peeve of mine.

Tell you what…I’ll get hg to not put the dollar sign behind the amount if you swear to never have any reference to the Jets coming back to Winnipeg on this site ever again…including your username and signature…

Otherwise, concede the fact that he may be accustomed to writing in a different language, and get over it.

In a world of LOL BFF and BRB
your pet peeve is 560 dollars or 560$ :roll:

Both 560 and 560 are correct in Quebec

ro13, if this was a Quebec-only forum, I'd let it slide.

jm said:

Tell you what...I'll get hg to not put the dollar sign behind the amount if you swear to never have any reference to the Jets coming back to Winnipeg on this site ever again...including your username and signature...


We are a bilingual country, you know...

We post from Quebec! :wink:

So? This is an english-speaking forum.

There's a french section. This isn't it.

In English, 560 is proper grammar. "560" is incorrect.

You're just not happy unless you're complaining about something, are you? :roll:

Stop it jm. I'm a nice man.

I didn't question whether or not you were a "nice man"...I commented on your incessant whining about trivial matters. It's a bilingual country, your mini-vent has nothing to do with the topic, and you're complaining again...move along, and get over it.

If you are bilingual, both are correct.....deal with it!
and back on topic

OK, I honestly didn't want that comment to derail the whole topic. It just threw me off the first time I saw it. Let's get back on topic now.

The game will sellout as soon as the out of town visitors arrive.
Also someone mentioned the walkup crowd on game day will snap up any remaining tickets.
I say the announced crowd will be in the high sixties.
Dwarfing the crowd in Tranna next month for the Buffalo Bills game.
So much for the NFL making people in Canada forget the CFL.
The big bad NFL boogeyman has turned out to be a five pound weakling.
It'll have the same impact on CAnadian sports as the NBA and baseball have had.
Which is next to nothing.

Ber, man, what the hell does this topic have to do with the Bills game in Toronto? Honestly, you're like a broken record.

Hey Berizen.... Everyone knows which game will bring in more revenue (atleast gate reciepts)
Hard to believe but two of the three biggest football games (revenue wise) for this year will be played in Canada.
NFL playoff tickets this year have dropped to well under 150$

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has a feeling it will be Rider fans that will sell out the Stadium :rockin: :rockin: usually is :rockin: