60,000 and counting

It has been announced that that over 60,000 tickets have been sold
Personally I'm sure it is over 65


That's it...? Fft... Pretty sad, eh, Blin...?

Sounds good.

I would love to see them break the record i dont even know what the capacity of the game is, but lets say 62000 have sold that number will be pushed up the media train will get more people going.

They said they wanted 70,000 this year....
To be honest I'm sure they sold more than 60,000 I think that if they announce the real number(at least 65 IMO) people will figure there is nothing good left and not buy...but if they figure they still have a chance they might just snap them up.
The record BTW is around 68318 set in 1977

I didnt even think of that... interesting marketing. I personally am I'm tempted to go if there is more people in the stadium, i like big crowds lol

I hope it's a deafening crowd. 60,000+ fans... should be a good show. I'll have to crank the volume so I can feel like I'm there. :smiley:

All we need is that pesky Rider fan with his siren :slight_smile:

No no you should go to the game LOL!

HE was on the news here yesterday

Ever wonder if alot of people think the game is sold out and didnt bother buying seats, and they are annoncing this to make sure everyone knows there are seats left?

If the Riders were in the big game, then we would not be having this conversation. because it would be sold out!


Maybe next year buddy.

They should've held the Grey Cup at the 20,200 seat Molson Stadium, where the Alouettes play their regular season CFL games.

Then charge $1,500 per ticket.

Brilliant, if I do say so myself. An intimate venue. Not one empty seat. And you know that every person there defintely, absolutely wants to be there. If you can't afford tickets, it's ok! The game's on tv! :rockin:

(I'm kiddin'; relax)

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Two things here don't sit well with me... First of all when you go on the TSN website they tell you to click here for tickets. When you do it sends you to a ticket broker (basicily the escort agencys of scalpers) The prices are more in line for what you pay for a Superbowl. Great way for the CFLs largest corporate partner to help sell tickets... selling tickets that have already been sold.
Then I thought that I would find legitamate tickets... First I went to ticketmaster.ca.... I spent a good five minutes in a fruitless effort... I was perplexed.... So I went to google and typed in "ticketmaster Grey Cup"
I got hits for next years Grey Cup in Calgary.....
Then I dropped the word master and after two or three tries finally got the offical Grey Cup site.... hence I was able to find tickets through someon who was not ticketmaster.
Now I know Ticketmaster is pure evil... I hate them with a passion that burns very very deep.... However..... their monoply is so strong that I equated tickets with their brandname..... I am only guessing...but I'm sure they have a 95% share of the Canadian market.....You can't tell me that if the Als were using ticketmaster that this event would have been sold out long ago.... People would be looking for tickets for other events and see grey Cup tickets for sale and impulse purchases would take place....
As for those of you who think the 60K is an underestimation...I was able to access 12 tickets numbered one through 12.
Obviously the entire section is empty.....
Trust me.... The folks at the Globe and Rogers will have a field day if there is banks of empty seats.
For the record... I am enslaved to my job and was only checking to see.
All in all it took me 15 minutes just to find the bloody site..... Alot of people would have givin up and I sure this has happened thousands of times.

Admission (a Quebec part of Ticketmaster) is selling GC tickets this year, so it's still ticketmaster, just under a diff brand name.

Stop calling the end, you guys forget the walk up crowed, it will be a sell out dont worry.

And if they dont sell another ticket?
So what?

they have 60,000 sold....There is o way to call that a bad thing!

What is the capacity of the Big Owe?