6 players fined this week

TORONTO -- The Canadian Football League announced today:

[b]Edmonton Eskimo J.C. Sherritt was fined for a low hit on Hamilton Tiger-Cats quarterback Zach Collaros while he was in the passing position on Saturday.

Edmonton Eskimo Justin Sorensen has been fined for a chop block on Hamilton Tiger-Cat Bryan Hall.

Winnipeg Blue Bomber Jasper Simmons has been fined for lowering his head and leading with the crown of his helmet, making it the primary point of contact as he hit an opponent.

Hamilton Tiger-Cat Terrence Toliver, Saskatchewan Roughrider Jerome Messam and Toronto Argonaut Jermaine Gabriel were each fined for making public comments about officiating on Twitter over the weekend.

As per league policy, the amount of the player fines was not disclosed.[/b]

3 of them for yapping about Officiating on twitter

Drew EdwardsVerified account ?@scratchingpost 23m23 minutes ago
#Ticats @TToliver80 fined by #CFL for comments about officiating after loss to #Esks.

Gerry ModdejongeVerified account ?@SunModdejonge 26m26 minutes ago
#Esks C Justin Sorensen also fined for an illegal chop block in Saturday's game against the #Ticats.

Gerry ModdejongeVerified account ?@SunModdejonge 26m26 minutes ago
#Esks LB Sherritt was fined for low hit on Collaros Saturday, but it wasn't the one that took the #Ticats QB out of the game. #Calgary

I was wondering if the initial hit by Sherritt on Collaros could have tweaked his knee and later torn when he ran for the first down?

The Chop Block by Justin Sorensen on Bryan Hall was pretty cheap and glad he was penalized and fined as that kind of play can take out a lineman's legs and cause injury.

It’s too bad that Tolliver got fined for telling the truth. The funny thing is, do we know what as to which play he was referring?

that’s funny. you don’t even know what play he was referring to, but you know he was telling the truth :lol:

The officiating this year has been a sh*& show. I realize the officials will not see every infraction and hopefully during the games the penalties will balance out. So far this year there have been obvious cheap shots taken and the officials do nothing. The Arblows games on Labour Day and at the Rogers centre, there were numerous after the play is dead cheap shot crap from the Arblows. The player (Tiger Cat) is down and a second and even third player would come and lay on top of the tackler. The problem is I don't recall a pilling on penalty being called is a long time. Football players are taught the correct way to tackle and block and if there are any additional activities by the players the officials should stop it immediately or that type of behaviour will continue. I would suspect Tolliver was complaining via twitter or whatever about some rough treatment or cheap shot he received from one of Smoes. His comments by league rule and generally by common sense are Inappropriate and without actually having seen the tweet or whatever criticism from afar amounts to jack sh^%> From my football experience the guys who dish out the cheap crap are usually not very athletic and the people who chirp just for sake of chirping from afar well just due the math.

TeamTT ?@TToliver80 · Sep 18 The league need to seriously do something about the way the call offensive pass interference

TeamTT ?@TToliver80 · Sep 18
TeamTT retweeted JFL

TeamTT added,
JFL @JamFilledLaser @TToliver80 Same refs that did your game last week.

TeamTT ?@TToliver80 · Sep 18
That wasn't a offensive pass interference

TeamTT ?@TToliver80 · Sep 18
Never seen such bad refs #cfl

Based on the time, it's the BC @ Calgary game, and there was only one offensive pass interference penalty that game - 3rd quarter, 12:40.

Agreed. Sure looked like a good offensive play on the ball to me.