6 players cut

6 players gone. The only one that I thought might stay was Patek. He looked good on day 1.

I knew Fairooz and Gray would be gone. They were 2 of the guys we picked as not making it.

[url=http://www.ticats.ca/article/tiger-cats-transactions-jun6]http://www.ticats.ca/article/tiger-cats ... tions-jun6[/url]

IMP DB Virgil Gray
IMP WR Aaron Fairooz
IMP DE Garrett McIntyre
IMP WR Brandon Myles
IMP DB Jacob Patek
IMP DL Elton Patterson

i wish them all the best of luck

I'm a little surprised by Fairooz and Patek. Bring on the main camp!

I wish them all good luck, and my hat is off to them all. Training camp looks a lot easier sitting at a computer keyboard than on the field.

Patek got the first interception of rookie camp on a Chase Clement pass, and now he and Clement are both gone.

Two of the other players attended the recent free agent camp in Florida. Import defensive back Virgil Gray and import defensive lineman Elton Patterson took part in training camp "after impressing Ticats scouts in the Sunshine State."

Brandon Myles signed with the Riders as a free agent on April 17 and was part of the Yannick Carter trade. Now that trade looks even.

Garrett McIntyre was one of two players from the San Jose SabreCats of the Arena Football League we read about in February

Oskee wee wee

Patek is a baller. I personally followed his career and he is definitely a keeper. On day 2 morning practice he sprained his ankle...was unable to go in the afternoon. It is hard for anyone to make a team sitting out rehabing an injury. I wouldn't count him out just yet tho... the kid knows how to play and has an unbelievable football gear and I believe the coaches noticed this.

Best of luck to these guys!

Here are Jersey and School info
They in Order via Jersey Number as Follows:

#3 DB Import Virgil Gray Rhode Island Collage

37 DB/LB Import Jacob Patek Hawaii

#71 DE Import Garrett McIntyre Fresno State

#77 WR Import Aaron Fairooz Central Arkansas

#84 WR Import Brandon Myles West Virgina

only suprise to me was Patek. Everyone seemed so high on this guy. Oh well, all of these guy are talented, so that should mean the other's are better players (the ones we kept). I personally liked what I saw of David Ball, LaShaun Ward and Jacob Willis.

Unfortunately for him, some kind of injury kept
Patterson, a D-lineman, off the field on Friday.

I wish him better luck when, or if, his next chance comes.

I was a little surprised at Elton Patterson not even making it to the main camp.
I remember him coming out of College (2003) and thinking he was the pro-to-type CFL DT. 6'02 around 260-270 with some speed. A little undersized for the NFL but because he was drafted in the 7th round I guess he hung around chasing the dream down there.
I thought he could have been another Ed McQuarters or Rodney Harding if he had come to the CFL right out of College.
It seems to be that because of expansion and larger roster sizes the NFL holds onto players that the CFL use to get because they are a bit undersized to start down there. I guess they do make more money over all, but they never have much of an actual playing career IMO.

Very good point I understand why Players do it
Football players Play on avg 3 years
any more then 3 you get NFL Pention
But stop Players looking North
But with AFL Gone we should still see more come north Now

i only saw the second workout of day one, but i watched jacob patek get scorched by cassidy doneff on three nice fade routes. also, the pick that patek got happened because doneff slipped on the turf and clement threw the ball too far inside...
it must tear players up to work so hard and not even get to main camp. it's a long way home for them...
it's a tough business, and i truly wish them well.

well said. I also wish them all the best.