6 players cut


IMP DE #45 Aaron Cotteral
IMP WR #87 DaVon Fowlkes
IMP QB #12 Shaun King
NIP WR #86 Atnas Maeko
IMP DT #94 DeVonte Peterson
IMP LB #55 Malcolm Postell

Does anybody think Shaun King will be picked up by another CFL team?

I doubt King will get picked up. Every team already has a number of QBs and I doubt they'd pick him up at this point.

Yes, Winnipeg, Montreal or Saskatoon.

yeh i could see him going to one of those three, but im suprised makeo was cut, hes canadian with grat size, i guesse he jus wasnt enough in camp

Shame about Maeko being cut. Not that I've had to opportunity to observe practices and judge his play for myself regarding his play, but I did read an article about him months back about making it this far, so I guess I was pulling for him based on his personal treck.

How many players are we down to as of now?

I think around 50-55

The only surprsie for me (and it’s a mild one) is Devonte Peterson. He was one of the “old guard” that survived Marcel’s house cleaning.

I was cheering for Fowlkes but there’s strong competition in camp at the receiver spot this year.

I’m happy for Richie Wiliams who “beat out” Shaun King.

king cut, no surprise there...altho im surprised richie williams stayed, cuz i hear he played bad and has expierience in the CFL game, where as king doesnt.

i thought theyd both get cut....just thought king would get cut after the 2nd pre-season game.

I don't think Williams beat out Shaun King.
I think Shaun King beat out Shaun King.

Not another expansion thread! :wink:

Every cut to date has served to emphasize one message.

With a new Head Coach, and new assistant coaches, there is absolutely no consideration given to what anybody contributed in the past. Staying on the team now depends entirely on what you show today, not last year's record.

Is this the right way to go? Absolutely!!!

No longer should we hear things like, "He had six QB sacks last year. We need him. It would be cruel to cut him. He belongs in Hamilton."

Tough! That was then, this is now!

they've got to figure something out with the qb's
chang is too good to be the 3rd option, butler won't stay to be third so i think they need to remove butler and keep williams, that's a pretty good threesome-maas, chang and williams. as for fowlkes
and peterson well,peterson was lucky to be around as long as he was- he hardly got enough heat on the opposing o-lines and fowlkes, he just fell off when he had real,solid competition. too bad, he's got enough film to spark interest from someone else, probably edmonton cause tompkins ain't gettin it done either.

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I feel the same way. I was really hoping he’d be good enough to make it. All the best to him and all the other cuts. Cotteral made a few nice places in camp, but I guess he didn’t do enough to stand out. I must admit I was a little surprised to see Peterson back in camp because he was hurt so often last year. I guess the competition was just a little too tough.

I think you have to let things play out. The coaching staff still has to determine if Maas is the 2006 version or the version of years prior. Coach Taafe said that considering Jason's off-season surgery that they would bring him along slowly so's not to reagravate anything (similar to what a major league pitcher goes through rehabbing in the minors then on a pitch count).

Chang at #2 or #3 doesn't bother me for this year, he likely needs a year as a backup, at a minimum to consistently perform at a high level as a starter very few QBs in the history of the CFL have made the jump overnight. The constant for me is that Butler at #2, too experienced to be dropped to #3 and not good enough IMHO to be the #1 for the whole season.

I agree with all of these cuts. These guys all played in the Winnipeg game, and none of them stood out. They had their chance.

I'm a little surprised none of the O-Linemen were cut. I heard that when Williams was playing, the O-Line didn't look good at all.

And speaking of Williams, I think they'll give himone more shot to move the O in the next exhibition game, and if he doesn't, he will be cut, and they will sign another young, promising QB to the practice roster instead. (Tracy Ham is probably working on that right now).

We're down to 73 players remaining, not 50 or 55. Zenstate, where do you come up with this stuff?

Fumbleroski wrote: "I think you have to let things play out. The coaching staff still has to determine if Maas is the 2006 version or the version of years prior."

Good assessment. I just wonder how much "loyalty" the coaching staff has for Maas. Wilf posted earlier about the 6 cuts yesterday saying it shows all that matters is how they do now...not how they have done in the past. To me, the number of QB's in camp indicated that the three QB jobs are wide open even though Maas will be the last to have to prove that he can be the starting QB.
Right now its hard to predict who will make the cut. Chang for sure...but the next game should provide a better indication.
Only thing is...if they hang on to Maas until he is healthy...can they keep 4 QB's around in case he gets cut?

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