6 games remaining......

Well....I could go on and on about how Montreal blew our Cats, right out of IWS.
But, all the could'a...would'a...should'a...and didn't, was said well enough by others on different postes.
Besides....I'm still so dam pee'd off at the players and coaches....nuff said.

Calgary...Winnipeg...Montreal...Toronto...Sask....Winnipeg, and that ends regular season.

I think the Cats have a chance to pick-up 8 more points in the remaining 6 games.
Calgary......loss playing them in their house....no way Cats :cry:
Winnipeg....win Kelly...has destroyed this team in more ways than one. 8)
Montreal.....loss don't even want to go there... :oops:
Toronto......win time to get even.... :smiley:
Sask..........win should be a great game :thup:
Winnipeg.....win the peg players will not want to finish the season on a low note...but the Cats
should pull out a win... :roll:

Sooo....I see our Cats finishing with 20 points, in the East.
Any other thoughts about it ?


Calgary will also be a great game and I have a feeling we're in for another spanking when we face Montreal in Montreal. Retire already AC and Cahoon god!!!! :lol:

the two winnipeg games home and away are huge,,,we play bombers here oct 12, a win would give us the season tie breaker with the bombers and would probably nail us homefield for the east semis,, on top off those two games, winning another would get us to 9-9 record.
we lose the game oct 12 we are in tough and it could come down to the last game of the year in the peg for 2nd place.

8) You're right, I think it will come down to those 2 games against Winnipeg, as to who will finish
 in 2nd place.

 Can't see the Cats beating Calgary, Montreal, or Sask.  They should win against Toronto, but I don't 
 see them sweeping Winnipeg. 

 Watched that Bomber game last night, and at this point the Bomber players seem to have that 
 attitude, that it's us against the world !!!  That makes them very dangerous.

 The Cats have nothing locked up for certain, at this point.

 But them do control their own destiny.  Whether they take advantage of that fact, remains to be seen.

@Calgary loss
Winnipeg win
@Montreal loss
@Toronto win
Sask loss
@Winnipeg win

I don't care how it happens, I want to host the East Semi. The TiCats can't take anyone for granted, yet have shown they can beat anyone not called the Als. That being said, many unpredicable things have happened in CFL playoff games.

Very disapointed with the effort against the Als. That said we only need to beat them once and that's in the eastern final. I think the Cats will end up with six more points for sure, The boys will come up with a win thats not expected, and a loss thats not expected either probably Toronto just to drive us crazy.All this should be enough to take second place.Everybody start saving up your loonies and sell out the playoffgame.