6 game

could someone shed some light on Nic Demski and Marcus Thigpen and chance of coming back
for the playoffs. thanks

Demski is very unlikely...he had a foot fracture that ran length wise...not good.
Thigpen probably could...no reason though. Even if healthy there is nobody he would bump.

just waiting for the next trick out of Chris Jones hat. thanks for the response.

Well, it is looking like Thigpen might start at RB actually. It does sound like Richardson is ok...but they might give him the week off as a just in case for the playoffs.

Having Richardson back in the playoffs will be big.

We need that ground and pound mentality. Especially with the late season weather. I don't think I've seen that since Sheets left.

Darian Durant owes half his salary to Kory Sheets, he was that big of a difference. Not only in the big game but all year long.

Then we had Messam for a bit, but gave him up to the Stamps. So good to see ground game development here. Last game was 29 passing and 29 running plays.

Durant did a fair bit of running himself as I remember. I’m sure he doesn’t owe anyone anything , duh.

Durant had one of the best playoff runs for a QB in CFL history that year...one of the better in football period. Sheets lit it up in the GC...no doubt...but Riders don't make it past BC without Dueces that post season...he willed that team to win. I'll give credit where it is due...few QBs are capable of what he did for a couple games there...it was amazing to watch and will go down as one of the greatest playoff performances of all time.

Could not agree more, and me thinks Iconic last handle was Greenrider... the DD hater!! he's gone he is a good QB, give it a rest!!

I don't care if someone sees DD as a bad QB and always has...if they deny his accomplishments in the 2013 playoffs they are only lying to themselves and clearly are not capable of being unbiased. DD had some questionable leadership skills and was often a "me" guy but it is not like he went without any accomplishments either...that playoff run really capping it. He also holds the record for most consecutive games/passes without an interception and to deny his progression over the years is just silly...his rating, %, ratio progressed positively overall each year until the injury in 2014. I have been pretty open about being fine w/o Durant around and was in the definite minority from the time he was traded with being okay with it...I can still respect several solid things he did in his time as a Rider and will be there when he gets in the Plazzo.

Kory Sheets performed at a much higher and much more consistent level all season long in 2013 - is the point I'm trying to make.

?? 2.6:1 ratio, 260 per (with the fact that the new passing standard is up 20% per game with no touching), 8.8 yards per carry. That is a pretty darned good season.

They were a great tandem, but to try to play down what Durant did in 2013 seems a bit silly to say the least. Sheets was a great player, but her was the 3rd best rusher that season. Cornish was the best, by far, and then it was a toss up between Sheets and Gable. One could even safely argue Kakert would have been in that conversation if he had played more of the season.

I don't get the need you have to hate Durant and belittle what he did, especially in 2013...kinda sad really. You couldn't have asked a lot more of a QB that year. Is he a top 10 all time? No...but he is still a very good QB in the grander conversation of it all, especially in his prime, and one of the best in Rider history. If one thinks his results in 2017 would have been the same as a Rider a an Al that is beyond stupid. DD fd up hard with the move...but there is zero question he would have had a better season than he is having. He had a horrendous OL last season...much worse than he has now, and he put up pretty solid numbers for how bad the team was much of the season. This season he has a bad OL, poor receivers, his respectable OC is gone and Kavis is now running the show...not exactly a recipe for success for anyone.

Just trying to be realistic. I'm a Durant fan, but am a Rider (team) fan first. Throughout his time here Darian always wanted more $, sometimes he got it, and much fanfare was made when he took a salary cut etc. The reality is/was that he never was worth the BIG contract, rather he was an effective member of the whole ensemble. The salary reduction was because he was overpaid and the club needed to acquire and pay others to complete the team. So fast forward to now - the Alouettes do reward him with a stupid contract, they dissect their team to do it, and Durant craps the bed more than any other QB in the league has in recent memory. Plus he throws our coach and GM under the bus for being accurate and open. Doesn't make me want to remove my Durant paraphernalia nor does it change my feelings about his TIME and work here. But that doesn't mean I have to drink his koolaid either.

I'm not saying I would pay it for him...but 400k is hardly a ridiculous contract for a qb. Surprising you are s DD fan or were as you've not really done anything but trash him. One can speak on the good and the bad without "drinking the koolaid "

Durant lost some of his glitter when he demanded a ridiculous salary here. Then he lost a bit more glitter when he blamed the club and Jones for him no longer being a Rider (despite a solid offer of $350K plus incentives). He was actually insulted by our offer. Then all the remaining glitter fell off after Crapigna missed a FG in first game of 2017, resulting in an Als victory, and DD acts like he won the Grey Cup and made the Als victory all about him. No mention of his new team, only him and the football gods.

Let's just say he made it very easy to say goodbye. Who needs that crap? Riders surely don't. The Al's also don't but they now have it (amidst MANY other problems).

All of Durant's success came as a Rider, and the fans are a huge part of his popularity. Yet we weren't good enough to stick with. Turns out it's the other way around.

Never happened. IIRC (and I am going off distant memories atm) DD's original ask was 400 then 350 with 200 cash and no incentives. Jones Never offered 350 cash/base. To my knowledge the highest base+cash offered was 325, and I saw that in print. might be possible there was more...but I doubt it. At that time DD was asking for 200 cash still and 150 more. Jones eventually came up to about 3/4 that cash (which was a hard no by DD) but reduced that total cash+base and upped the incentives. Probably the biggest problem with negotiations was the "unofficial" offer that came in from Montreal that understandably skewed DD's ask.

I am fully aware of the first, second (or possibly 3rd), and the last offers. Some of those details are posted on here while there are a few here who have some more detail on the actual numbers. Deuces final nail and where I lost a pile of respect was 'no contract no play' and being ballsy enough to do something that got an entire department of the organization canned (which is when my attitude towards him on here took a sharp turn...there are a few in the know on those details here for sure. I generally wanted to see him back until that...after that I was fairly indifferent.

So I'm assuming that department was the training staff???


I didn't even get into the faking injuries issue. The man has become ego fueled and is toxic to a club.

Your toxic to this topic, why don’t you give it a rest already , he’s long gone and this issue was dead 6 months ago, untill you keep bringing it up. Do you hate the man that much ?