6 cuts - June 23

MP DE Xavier Brown
NIP DT George Kourtesiotis
IMP RB Glenn Milner
IMP DE Morrice Richardson
IMP DB Pierre Singfield
IMP DB Darren Toney

Apparently they're only going to cut about 4 more guys(I think I saw that on twitter), which means quite a few players suffered "injuries" last night.

From Twitter:

No surprises although for some reason I thought Richardson was going to make the 42.

Well, they got the easier decisions out of the way. No receivers were cut, and both Medlock and Wilbur continue to be on the roster.

I didn't think releasing Milner would be considered an easy decision, but Grant being much more impressive in last night's game made it an easier decision.

In fact, Marcel said this:

“Not too many players can make the run he made – he's just so explosive,? Bellefeuille said. “That really cemented it for him.?
[url=http://scratchingpost.thespec.com/2011/06/ticats-make-cuts-but-not-the-tough-ones.html]http://scratchingpost.thespec.com/2011/ ... -ones.html[/url]

I did see Richardson make at least one good tackle, so maybe if there's one surprise here, it's him.

Anyway, Drew said it is expected that Malveety will be on the PR in that article in mentioned earlier.

He also said that a receiver and a DB could be among the next players cut.

We don't know which players will be cut next, but Brian Simmons won't be one of them. I like these quotes from him:

"It feels good. All the hard work I've been doing is finally starting to pay off for me so I'm excited,? said offensive lineman Brain Simmons, who was told he'd made the team. “I have to find a place to live, a place to get a car – I have a lot to do. But I'm very excited.

“When coach Bellefeuille was talking to me I couldn't stop smiling. I'm very happy to be here, to be a Ticat.?

How can there be only 4 more cuts or so when there are still 62 players-36 I and 26 N- on the roster? Will they/you have 12
players or so on the injury list? I know that there is a practice roster-max. of 7,incl. 2 N- but,in order to be on the practice roster, you have to be released and clear waivers.

I say that a maximum of 6-Barker,Kirk,Smith and a few more- will be on injury list; coupled with the 46 on active roster, it brings the roster to 52 players,meaning that 10 more players will have to be released,before 15 hours on Saturday. Some of them, along with some of the 6 released today, should/will go on the practice roster.