6:30 pm start time

Why did this game start at 6:30? I found it to be a royal pain. I know most people are going to say, well it's only half an hour before the regular start time, but still, why change now? All season games were starting at 7, and it's easy to remember if ALL the games start at 7. But when you start throwing curveballs in there it becomes a much bigger pain in the butt then you think.

This is one thing the NFL does really well. All the games start Sunday at 1. Everyone knows this. They can schedule their lives around this if need be. They aren't asking 'what time's the game tonight?'

Next year, pick a time and stick with it. I'd also appreciate it if the Cats wouldn't schedule Sunday games because I'm a football fan. I like the CFL and the NFL. And I like to watch both.

Not sure why the game started at 6:30, hopefully there was a good reason for it.

I agree that the 6:30 start caused me to miss the first 8 minutes of the game.

However, I did have lots of time after the game was over to do other things.

Nevertheless, I prefer the 7pm starts.

Did the start time surprise you?

It was on my ticket from the time I got them in June.

It's called planning. I had friends from Acton and Orillia at the game...on time.

Start times don't bother me. Actually, I like it. The earlier finish got me and kiddies home for early morning hockey today.

Yes Hendy, the game time did surprise me. While I was fully aware the game was Friday night, I assumed the game was at 7 as usual. But I was wrong and it was a surprisingly big problem. (However parking was not.)

Bad for out of towners.

Cambridge to Hamilton isn't exactly like a commute to Toronto, Mark. :wink:

Oh, it's excruciating. We pack sleeping bags and emergency supplies once we have to leave the K.W. region. :slight_smile: