!6-3 What a laugher!

Well I know this is old news but I have been away a bit so I got caught up. I just found out that the NFL had its visit in TO and low and behold 16 -3 was the score. The Bills managed to bore those that went to the game to get 3 points. I do not know about you football fans but that is just way to much to hold back my laughter. I mean thats think about it The Leafs are the butt end of most jokes, the Jays well they are going to fly south before you know it losing millions of dollars, the Raptors (craptors) speaks for itself and the Argos of late. I get the impression teams in the TO area just do not take anything serious. The Fans of TO are asking for one thing a winner! By the looks of it the Bills are the worst of them all. I am sorry but I will need some time to stop laughing.

Take Care
Merry Xmas or Happy Holidays to all.


Even funnier !6 to 3 instead 16 to 3 !

I'm curious about all those corporate tickets that were bought up to "Make it a sell out" so the black out could be lifted. Did they hand them out to Charities? Big Brothers? Kids up Front?