with the next two games coming up against the two teams that are struggling the most in the league... its very possible for us to go 6-1... would this be the best starting record we have had in awhile? i really hope we can keep this home streak up as well... as a season ticket holder i would love to see them win every home game :smiley:

screw 6-1 how about 9-1 because our next five games go like this B.C, Edmonton, B.C, Labour Day vs Edmonton, Edmonton, we can really put some space between us and every one else, and i think we play sask after

...if BC and Edmonton continue to suck then yes mathmatically we can achieve 9-1 before we play Sask again, who could conceivably be 7-3 by then...but the odds of going WWWWW against two teams is pretty damn high, almost ridiculous...back-to-back games are tough let alone five in a row...

...I expect we'll lose one of the games at Empire, and the LDC rematch in Chuk-town, and meet Sask with equal records of 7-3...

Red, you haven't been paying attention much....have you.

We are not a very good team out West. While our defense has been good, our offense is too predictable. Unless Chapdelaine gets fired, I see Anderson and Browner just licking their chops during film session, waiting for a couple of pics.

Infortunately, I see Calgary sweeping us, unless Calgary takes in too much night life and comes hung over to the game.

I think this is more realistic... although, like Sporty says, BC (and Edmonton) are pretty bad, so anything is possible. :lol:

I don't believe it still! they almost lost to the Bombers if it wasn't for stupid play calling at the end by the Blue.

the Rider game was the only one that they've been outstanding in! on both sides of the ball.

getting a bit ahead of yourselves guys.

not really, edmonton and bc both have not shown any growth, winnipeg is a good team, you guys almost lost to the esks, and they are HORRIBLE, its very plausible for us to sweep bc and edmonton IMO

almost doesn't count. fact is we did win. you can't look ahead so far that you end up miscalculating.

Eh. It's Calgary's board. If they want to look ahead, that's their prerogative.

your entire arguement was based on almost... talking to you makes my brain hurt trying to figure out how you come up with your ridiculously stupid points...or lack of one... want to know what wasnt an almost? when we pummled you guys... so i think ill take my opinion thanks :wink:

...well, that's one W out of five...I really thought the stamps would not take the win last night what with the war of words and the pressure on BC to win their first game at Empire

Calgary looks good this year and it seems like it will be you guys and Sask trading punches for the title against Montreal.

BC could have won all their games this year (except Sask) but we have nothing to show for it. If Chumpdelaine gets fired then I like our chances. My 6 yr old son can do better than him. Honestly, much much better.

Conceivably the riders could be 8-2, but I am guessing like me you think we will split the home and home with Winnipeg.

I am looking forward to playing the Stamps again. I still haven't watched the last game against you guys, listening on the radio was torture enough.
I think Calgary will be 7-3 or 8-2 when the meet us next. Don't think you will sweep Edmonton. On a side note does anyone else think its odd you guys play edmontonin, then have a bye week then BC then Edmonton back to back. Those two teams are absolutely going to hate each other. Could make for some exiting football.

I think Calgary will take the series 2-1. The LDC and the re-match should definitely have some extra hostility. Strap your helmets on tight, Stamps! :lol:

My biggest fear; is that the Stampeders are going to destroy the Eskimo's. :frowning: My least fear; is that I'm going to wear red while at Commonwealth Stadium Nov.28th no matter what.

As soon as I saw Jackson scrambling I said to my son, "Interception coming up" Sure enough, he didn't disappoint, threw into DOUBLE Coverage instead of ten rows into the stands.

Sigh, its going to be a long year!

BC definitely needs some new blood at QB. They’ve been rotating the same four guys (Printers, Pierce, JJ, Lulay) for the last few years, and none of them have really dazzled. Pierce wasn’t bad, but he was constantly injured.

Riders schedule up until vs Calgary.
Week 8-bye
Week 9-@ Edmonton=Win
Week 10-vs Winnipeg=Win
Week 11-@ Winnipeg=Loss
Riders Record before vs Calgary 7-3

Stamps schedule up until vs Saskatchewan.
Week 7-vs Edmonton=Win
Week 8-bye
Week 9-@B.C=Win
Week 10-vs Edmonton=Win
Week 11-@ Edmonton=Loss
Stamps Record before vs Sask 8-2

After tonight's game, Stamps sweep the series.

I agree..

but I also believe Sask could win both games vs Winnipeg.