6.1 Million

That's the number of people who watched the Grey Cup game on Sunday and a record for the Grey Cup audience, according to


The number of people who tuned in at some point of the game is 14million, more than 40 % of Canada's population.

These numbers put the CFL at the to top of the heap when it comes to sports ratings.

With numbers like that, it boggles the mind that the league and its teams seem almost invisible in certain locales.

Boggles my mind too. What gets me is the NFLer's who have a mind that is nailed shut, dis the CFL on a conditional basis and will never admit to anything positive about the League.

I am not against the NFL but I think some folks are fools, blinded by expert marketing and peer pressure in some instances. I have always been a big fan of this league and I always will. I grew up with it and have had no desire to ever abandon it for the NFL. No sport is perfect, no league is perfect. But as for me I will always have a place in my heart for the CFL.

For the record, the Grey Cup is one trophy that can still give me goose bumps. I held it once, hoisted it over my head and I will never forget that moment, checking out all the engravings, kissing it (yeah, I admit that) and remembering great Cup games as I felt that Cup in my hands. I like hockey but if you give me a choice between holding the Stanley Cup or the Grey Cup in my arms it is the Grey Cup--no debate.

BTW, I saw a restaurant in my area with this sign displayed: Gray Cup Party Here! Gee, what idiots.

re the NFL

Even though the NFL has become more like the CFL in the last 5-7 years (ie, much more passing, more running QBs (even QB sneaks), many actual punt returns (vs fair catches or bouncing balls), etc), it's ironic that so many NFLers continue to diss the CFL.

IMO, one of the main reasons for NFL popularity (other than the extravagant glitz and hyper marketing) is the betting that revolves around NFL games. Take away the point spreads and no doubt many would lose interest.

In some areas (cough - Toronto - cough), it's also the wannabe-American mind set that believes because it's a "professional" U.S. sport, it's automatically big league and world class (and makes followers and/or team cities world class).

A quick search on Ticketmaster reveals a growing disinterest for NFL Football in Toronto as well.

I believe its the gambling and the ease of setting up weekly private pools that attract more to the NFL then the game itself, at least in Canada.

The CFL needs some sort of national pool, not to raise money for its members but to make the game more interesting to those who enjoy such activities.

As for the TV numbers for this Grey Cup, I can imagine the league is extreemly happy and quietly adding up the benifits they may realize in sponsorship and TV rights.

But 43% that leaves me wondering what the heck were the other 57% doing .. ??? :smiley:

Michael Jay wrote:

"For the record, the Grey Cup is one trophy that can still give me goose bumps. I held it once, hoisted it over my head and I will never forget that moment, checking out all the engravings, kissing it (yeah, I admit that) and remembering great Cup games as I felt that Cup in my hands."

Great post MJ ! :rockin:

I too love the fact us fans are allowed and even encouraged to get our hands on the Grey Cup, hoist it up and yes, even pucker up and plant one on it. It really is the "people's" Cup in many ways. And it's one of only a few symbols that truly binds the whole country together.

I still have photos of my kids hoisting up the Grey Cup with excitement in their eyes and all of them are hooked on the CFL into their adulthood and probably because of little moments like that. The CFL really got it right when they allowed fan participation with the Grey Cup trophy.

I have pics of me drinking both beer and champagne out of it. One of the players from 1999 had it for a few days and had a party for it. Bagpipes and everything. It was AWESOME!!!

Ok the biggest viewing audience ever in the CFLs history! My two best moments was sitting there at the the game and watching the Rider Fans glote how they were greycup champions when a flag was flew to the ground causing alot of rider fans mouths to drop to the ground instintly, second was when a fan heard this lady behind me has been to 50 greycups he went up to her and said that this 20 dollar bill dropped from her coat but it was just a polite gesture and honour to a special fan! Had a great week and calgary was very polite and cortious all week I was there. :thup:

CFL on TSN has had top ratings all 2009 season, I wonder if the league will see any extra revenue above the contract amount . or will the network pocket it all?

Admittedly, I'm enjoying spreading this news to the Canadian Bills fans over on their forum. Not sure they're taking it all that well.

Why can't you just be happy about the number??
I don't understand this obsession with knocking the NFL, why all the insecurities?
You can't watch the Grey Cup without saying things like "wow this was way more exciting than the NFL" or wow more Canadians watched the Grey Cup than the Super Bowl!! "oh did you hear on ESPN they actually said something about the CFL"

Come on guys get over it!!! If you like the CFL that's great praise it, but shut the F*CK UP about the NFL, and the comparisons etc.

By the way the numbers were great when you consider that TSN is only available on cable and I know some people can't even get it on cable, they don't subscribe to that package.

It doesn't sem to me like they are "knocking" the NFL, they are just saying that they prefer the CFL.

The network pockets it all. Thats the nature of the contract. The network pays x amount of dollars for the right to broadcast. They recoup that cost by selling advertising and getting sponsors for the show (ie WENDY'S Friday Night Football).

If the network can gain more money than what they paid out for the rights, thats how they make their profit.

The CFL gains next time the contracts up and can try and sell the rights for more money.

I agree, there is many inferiority complexes that goes around with the CFL, oddly enough the hardcore NFL fans in this country show this insecurity issue just as much.

I find it best just to act like we've been here before.

I find it best to just act like we've been there before

Deos anyone watch that bad sports talk show on Sun TV??

The one with the guy with the really bad hair,Gareth Wheeler?

Last week they were debating the importance of the Grey Cup and the real relevence of the CFL.Basically,ol' Gareth had a TOcentric attitude that the CFL was a minor league,the Grey Cup was'nt that important,and the only places that really care about it have nothing better to do.And,to watch the Grey Cup only if you could'nt find anything else to do...

I wonder what this clown thinks now?

By the way...Gareth Wheeler is some soccer loving noob who writes a column in the Toronto Sun about TFC..or KFC...or whatever the kickee ball team is in TO...

The best game tomorrow is on The Score...Oregon State vs Oregon to see who represents the Pac-10 in the Rose Bowl against Ohio State.

It is certainly NOT some meaningless game between two mediocre football teams in the AFC East being played in Toronto!!!

By the way...How are ticket sales for this monumental match up?

Hey Jaybird, no one was knocking your precious NFL in this thread so just stop having a brain freeze and relax.


That’s the game I’ll be watching. Except I’ll be watching on the Bell NCAA package so I don’t have to put up with the Score’s ridiculous double-line ticker.

Tomorrow's Bills game has really lost its momentum. Lots of unsold seats even with the new price structure. Granted, it's really two visiting teams that are playing but the NFL seems to be an even more distant dream than it was before Rogers went after the Bills games. Also, if the Argos had even a half decent team, they'd blow the Bills games out of the water. As it is with their 3-15 season, they drew an average of 25-26,000. Can you imagine how'd they do if they had a team like the Als?

I'm not down on the NFL. It's just that the teams have no relevence for me. I could care less about seeing American teams here but I do care about sharing a sport with fellow Canadians from tiny-town Saskatchewan to petit-ville Quebec. That matters to me.

To each his own.

An Argo-Cat fan

Guess that pretty much settles the CBC-reaches-more argument.

TSN's CFL coverage is way better.

Now, to get rid of Rod Black.

Well, there is also Habs at Sabres, though only on RDS en francais... :wink: