6-0 then 2-4 then ....

Flick / Dressler / Nicholson will actually be fun to watch.

I don't know if it will put us over the top. We've been losing a lot of close ones. They set the bar pretty high to start the season.

A lot of people are hoping for 4-2 to end the season, putting us at 12-6 and in good shape to host a home playoff game. Hoping for 6-0 is a bit much, considering our current injury situation, but if we get our early-season swagger back, it wouldn't be impossible.

We've got the talent, we've got the coaching, we've got the intensity and the emotion. It also seems that the other teams save their best football for when they play the Riders.

Rider Pride. The run to the playoffs has begun, and we've lost our headstart.

Er, take away our 4th quarter comeback points and see how many points we actually got in the last 4 or 5 games. We are not going to win nothing if we only score in the 4th quarter. We have nothing to show for points in our first three quarters of play every game.

We must sweep Calgary as they have Hamilton twice and Toronto once in the last six games of the season so I am expecting no help there. We have to come out on top against Edmonton. Hopefully we can beat Montreal next week, if not then we are probably in last place in the west.

The good news is that we will still make the playoffs. Hopfully, unless there is a complete meltdown.

The end of the season is going to be interesting. I am very interested to see what happens in practice next week. Will Flick be taking 1st team reps, who is going to take the majority of 1st team reps at QB.

Only positive out of this game was Ford getting 2 TDs. I am very happy for the kid, its got to be an amazing feeling to score a TD for the Riders.

To be 8-4 with all our injuries is commendable. With injured players starting to come back soon (Flick, Fantuz, etc.) our fortunes will change. Here's hoping Cates isn't out too long!

Is it time to re-examine our import/non-import formula?

We've got 15 imports on defence, and 6 on offence.

3 QB's, 2 Recievers, and a RB.

Is it time to give change the strategy and try to get some more production on offence? Or do we keep our dominant defence together and try to do the best we can with the offence?

I like the identity of the Rider defence the way it is, with the fighting spirit on offence.

Things will turn around soon enough I don't think we should tinker with the defence. A few games from now we will have forgotten this skid. I blame yesterdays poor coaching decissions for the loss yesterday anyway, pluss our lack of a return game.

Our coaches need to decide who our quarterback is going to be. I have no problem yanking one guy if he's not doing well but I really think we need some continuity. It's getting too close to the playoffs to not know who "the guy" is going to be.

God I wish we had 6 imports on offence. We played most of that game with 3 imports---Durant, Dressler and Walker. All rookies. Not 12 games as starters among the group. The problem is, there ain't nobody else on offense. If your leg isn't broken, you play--import or non-import....

You'll never believe what I heard while leaving the stadium last night.

This guy said, "I think we're finished we'll get the cross over, maybe!" I laughed.

Finished might be a pretty strong statement, but it is a very distinct possiblity. 2 points from first 2 last. Riders have a very record against the West, and a tough schedule from here. Calgary twice, Montreal and Edmonton once.

And the verdict is .... 4-2.

Go out on a roll. Same as you rode in on.

Now, all we need is another 3-0, and all will be well once again.