5th quarter changes

maybe its time for an upgrade to the 5th quarter. How bout someone with football knowledge. an expert maybe. The current host could be used to answer the phones and then an unbiased expert to field the questions and give us some real insights and opinions

I think it is time for some new blood. You can only take so much of a reporter losing his temper and cutting people off. someone with some actual knowledge of the game would be a breath of fresh air. Someone not afraid to speak his mind. Maybe someone not paid to be a kissass.

agreed, change it, he knows nothing apparently about football and has edited and turned some of my emails I sent him against me, its garbage. Anyone else had him edit and omit things in an email so it changes the heart of it?

.Although ive never emailed him,i have heard that complaint from others.I heard he also banned one of the longtime special callers.Tommy. I talked to Tommy(hes a cartiologist at forginos) and he said ever since Russ left Ted wont let him on the air.

I always enjoyed when Tommy was on the air and wondered why he hasnt been on Since Ted took over. Oski WE WEE tommy!

You have to be VERY, VERY patient to host the 5th quarter.

I do not think he would mind too much if that part of his job went away

when darren flutie sat in and answered questions last year it was the only time we got impartial analysis on the state of the team and not ted just sucking up to guys he needs in order to have his show. He cant make the players mad or they wont come on his show.

Darren was awsome. Best show in years. I actually got the impression Ted was frustrated at being shown up by Darren.

Lasts years shows had to have been pretty wearing on those guys, with a 4-16 season and all that happened with the team. I heard they are renaming it this year to, "Air's the Beef?"

PS: While I enjoyed Tommy's enthusiastic nature during the show, he wasn't a great sharer of airtime. :wink:

I have always found him to be very arrogant and abrasive. For someone who has never played the games or been in the trenches he sure has a lot of swagger. Definitely time for a change. Get a nicer, more knowledgable host in there for sure. Get Ronnie to do it. Nobody knows the game like he does. He was one of the best, if not the best, colur guys the CFL has ever seen.

Most of the people that call in are just bombed anyways.

Ironic isnt it ????
Anyone else have somebody posting there IP and provider for all to see and think that is okay ?

Don't worry...everyone only sees their own...it's a joke/novelty thing popping up on websites around the world.....serious, it senses your own IP and only shows it to you......everyone else sees their own also.....lol...freaks everyone out.... :lol:

Missing the point Mikey.
I found it ironic that rebounder felt it was not very nice for someone on fifth quarter to edit this and do that. Yet , we all somehow should accept this IP identifier.
I did not ask for it to pop up when I browse the forums , did you?

Perhaps he is asking for a little respect from the fifth quarter yet does not see the irony in respecting other peoples perceived ( and yes I agree it is perceived ) privacy.

Its a signature for forums, nothing more, that information is broadcast by you,to every site you visit and not seen by anyone else but you, get over it. Ive used it for a long time on lots of forums and usually people just go to the site and figure it out, its listed right under the sign. I violated nobodys privacy, nor would i ever, grow up.
here is a little from danasoft site, theres more there if you still arent satified. :

Is the Danasoft signature a hacking tool, or can it be used to violate anyone's privacy?
Absolutely not! The Danasoft signature can never be used maliciously. Users come to Danasoft.com and create custom signs, with text that they choose, and they then display their custom signs in forums or on websites using a simple image link. We don't monitor or censor the text that users choose to display on their signs. Regardless of what prankster text might appear on a user's custom sign, the sign is totally harmless.

Sorry my friend. Not trying to piss you off but you have again missed the whole point.
I did not ask for anything from Danasoft so why should I accept it ?
Why should you assume that it is okay to attach this little harmless program ?

Point taken by fifth quarter is they can edit their emails even if it upsets you. You should just accept this as it is harmless. Or should you ? You obviously feel you shouldnt according to your post.

I do believe that was the original point.
The irony is that you feel what they are doing is not acceptable yet you feel what you are doing is totally acceptable......
No matter what others feel and we should all just lighten up and accpet it.

Sorry dont agree with you.


lighten up!!!

Bring back Russ!

Oh yeah, the other one would be great! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: