59% say superBore didnt live up to hype.


on sportsnet.ca, they have a poll askin what u thought of the supersnore....59% of people say 'it didnt live up to the hype'.

24% say the stones were better than the game. ( that adds to 83% being unsatisfied with the game )

to put this in perspective, after grey cup, 89% of people voted it was the best ever.

I hate to reply to this but WHO CARES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! get over it , you'll be much happier if you do.

definetly agree with pennw. If you just stopped comparing and trying to rank th CFL to the NFL you would realize that who cares. Both leaues are here to stay, and bopth leagues have their followers. Get over it.

This from a guy that didn't see the GC in Vancouver, which was one of the greatest games of the century, just because the EE was playing in it.

Even if the NY Jets made it to the SB, I still watch it and hope their NFC challenger beats the pants off of them, unless it's Washington, then I may go for NYJ, the less of these two evils IMO.

Vancouver: destroyed my expectations SB: ticked me off and bored me to sleep (I feel sry of the people of Windsor) Winnipeg: will be better than SB, and will be my expectations, but Van really set the bar high, gonna be though to beat it.

Haha - oh gawd who cares!! Please see my earlier post regarding inferiority complex's ... How pathetic.


Thanks for the good posting DG, merely pointing out the obvious. As for Statik and his ilk, what a double standard. Isn’t it funny, we have an inferiority complex when we state the obvious. But, when their kind slags the CFL and or tries to put down the Grey Cup, it’s ok and considered constructive criticism. Or, we are shallow.
No way, we will continue to state the obvious and will not follow like sheep.

He's not talking about you guys not liking the NFL or the super bowl. He is talking about you constantly posting and going on and on and on and on about how the super bowl sucks and no one should watch it. We get your point that you don't like it and I agree the Grey Cup is far more exciting but it is still football and some of us really just enjoy watching football no matter what league it is.

We have never mandated nor have attempted to prevent others from watching the Super Snore. Certainly, to each his/her own. Unfortunately and in our opinion, some people cannot see the forest from the trees. By providing an alternate opinion, that's the basis of free speach in our democracy. It's when people begin to think alike and not question or have varying ideas, that becomes a scary society.

I don’t care who watches it or who doesn’t watch it, I like football and therefore I watch the Super Bowl. But I was unaware that watching a football game automatically made me a sheep.

And again we are not talking about free speech, you stated your opinion that’s fine, that’s your right, it’s just the fact that it seems like a broken record now.

Same can be said in reverse.

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.......I dunno, it's not quite the same in reverse tom......

wtf was that jibberish?

That's funny R&W.

anyways...some might be interested in what non-cfl-forum members might have said about the superbore...here it is:

[url=http://www.tsn.ca/nfl/news_story.asp?ID=153817&hubName=nfl]http://www.tsn.ca/nfl/news_story.asp?ID ... ubName=nfl[/url]

most say it was a crappy game, with discusting officiating and the worst NFL season ever...

haha...my cousin has long argued that the NFL is better,...after last nites game, he agrees the CFL grey cup was much better than any NFL game this year, and has agreed to come to some argo games with me...victory!


The polls are justified. That was one of the worst Super Bowls ever (or as the CFL diehards like to call it Super Bore and/or Stupor Bowl). A poor excuse for a professional championship game. The officiating was inexcusable.

.....after that debacle...officiating in the CFL....looks pretty good....wow did I say that.. The.Grey Cup...had that game beat all to he$$...bring on the 06 season... :arrow:

i cant wait until the '06 CFL season...hopefuly we use replay properly, unlike that 'other' league...lol

then CFL will be the better officiated league.

After what their saying about bad officiating, maybe the No Funners should send their officials up to us for training. Never bash our CFL part time officials.

how can they screw up THAT BAD...even WITH replay????