589-ROAR is NOT impressive !

I call 589-ROAR to get tickets for the Western Final and was shocked to hear they’re not selling tickets to non-season ticket holders. What the hell is going on here?

Then I call back and get this mundane answering machine recording. Very unenthusiastic, mundane voice. This is Grey Cup year! Can’t the Lions change their answering machine recording with an enthusiastic voice? Call the Eskimos and you get music and cheering fans. Why is the Grey Cup such a drag here? No enthusiasm… it’s pathetic.

and they’re recording still says stuff about regular season tickets. The regular season is over! Wake up and smell the coffee 589-ROAR!

I can understand why ticket sales are slow for this game. The Lions are acting like they want it that way.

Furthermore, I see no advertising for the Western Final. What’s wrong with the Lions? Where’s the intensity? Where’s the trash talking?

Where are the fans?

Have you heard haow many are sold ? there is i heard this morning that there is about 30,000 at this pace they are expexcintg about 45.000 to 47.000 far cry from last year, but not bad, i hear you thogh hopefully they are going to jack this thing up this week whenwe here who we play and who is starting quaterback,but i agree it is not going to be the samr corowed as last year but do not give up thogh go get your tickets at ticket master everybody. lets get try grt at least 50.000. Go lions

We bought our tix online thru TicketMaster. The only real hassle was that I had to sign up as a member, but whatever.

As for the fans they'll come around. The 'nucks are on a 3 game losing skid so nows the time to scrape em up from the hockey bandwagon and stick em in the dome. But really it seems like the only major hype is from the radio right now. 1040 gives the Leos much respect and 730 is alright.

I think that the TV media will start revving up on Sunday (Please have all four teams knock the snot out of each other and have at least one game come down to the final play, please?) and on Monday the newspapers should have their jumbo sports page or XL or whatever.

But Mr. Braley please spend that money on at least one marketing ploy! It really could rake in the 5000 that breaches the 50000 mark! 45000 is loud but 50000 knowing that they are 50000 will BRING :evil: NOISE!!!!!

BC place will be bumpin, the game is over a week away, they will get well over 50 000 for this game

Did you guys here that 70% of bc lion fans wabt to see calgary here, if the stampeders are here you will see 50.000 if not 45.000 we will see i am hopeing for the stampeders it would be a better game ,edmonton is boring to watch, besides i think that calgary would bring the best out of the lions.

Hey guys what happend to the upper deck tickets i trid to by some over the ticket master internet and they do not even come up, saw them thier yesturday? Maybe they are trying to fill the bottom bowl first and cut them off because they have not been selling that many up there. i hope we get a big crowed, They will turn a lot of fans off if nobody shows up. no matter if they win or lose.

Not much media coverage either it better pick up this week. I wounder if we are going to break 40.000 next sunday the way it looks we might not.

What a jokeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

I'm from Winnipeg & I was at the western final last yaer, it was great!
I hope they sell out again this year as iI have a ticket to the Grey Cup in Vancouver & I hope the Lions are there.
GO LIONS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hmmm... you're right. They've taken away the option to buy the upper tix. What's the lower bowl capacity? Like 30000? Uh oh... I smell a blue shirt night... wait a minute, we still have more than a week to go!

Don't worry, wait till monday, you'll feel better.

People are probably just spending their paycheque buying Leos gear and facepaint (like me!) and seeing how much they have left in the old bank account on sunday. They'll have enuff and after seeing (please) the lucrative and innovative marketing genius of the Leos hotshot execs (please), come monday they'll say: "Hey, I'll buy a ticket too... wait, on second thought better make that 2 because I'm gonna bring an ol' friend of mine to sit right beside me, that's right, I'm gonna BRING :evil: NOISE!!!!!!!!!

There. We have one week to make 20000 people buy tickets... or 10000 crazies each with one very loud and very imaginary friend.

We'll break fifty. LOOOO have mercy.

That is what evreybody is saying ,we will break fifty thousand, I heard that we have 30.000 sold already but some of those are in the upper deck. so you are right, we need to sell 20.000 more by next sunday. if we do reach that ,why does it take so long for fans in this town to jump on the band wegon? o well i am going to the gray cup anyway so if we do get a poor growed at the western final, at least the gray cup will be packed and noisy real noisy if the lions are in it .

Go lions go

I'm sure you'll see a jump in ticket sales after Sundays' West Semi, when the Lions know who they will be playing. I'm sure fans from the opposition will buy tickets.

I remember back in '84 or '85 just before the Western Final, the Lions sold 15,000 in one day; the crowd jumped from 38,000 to 53,000 in 24 hours. It can happen again. Keep your eyes crossed.

Well, they say they're gonna have under 35000 at the Big O tomorrow (surprised me). At McMahon, a sellout (expect anything less at the Battle for Alberta?). And at Canada's-own-centre-of-the-universe they're expecting a sellout. And get this, at the East Final for halftime, Theory of a Deadman's playing.

Hear that Mr. Braley? T.O. is gonna have a sellout and they have a band. So here's a thought... T.O has a Vancouver band soooo why don't we get a T.O. band here for the West Final. Who you ask... well, dye up those curly locks and sing it: "Cryyyyyin'!!!! Cryyyyin' over YOOUUU!!!"

Don't you think its time to spark the Platinum Blonde Reunion Tour Circa 2005? Hmmmm? Whadya think, Dave (or as your junior suits call you Big D Diddy) you like it? We'd get a sellout... and T.O. would be soooo P.O.! Gnarly? Radical? Can you pay me now? Please? I'll dye your hair... hairs?

Don't worry everybody i have a good feeling we are going to break 50.000 i can see know that tis game is getting more hype,waite till after the game tom, that is what people will be talking about all week, even if the canucks are playing, i do agree though when it comes to david braily he has been a very patient onwer but sometimes he has to take chances when ticket sales have been low, and no calgary will not sell out talk to my brother who lives there only have 23.000 sold for tom, probebly get 27.000 it holds 38.000.You think t our ticket sales are pathetic, look at montreal that is awful but then again if we held the semi-final we would probebly only get 30.000.

Still lets tell every body to get tickets wouldn't it be something if we sold 30.000 in one week and sold it out?

I am saying what i said from the start"we will get well over 50 000"