57 days 18 hours 19 minutes and 6 seconds

Till the season starts :lol:

You'll have to update you thread's title quite often... Looks like a full time job to me...

I did it once, now the rest of you can pitch in.

Actually it a countdown timer off the Als site

im so excited =P

so is that a clock to the first CFL season game this year or the first als game?

The Als and Edmonton kick off the season so both I guess

thanks...sorry guess I should've just looked at the Sched.

thanks...sorry guess I should've just looked at the Sched.

I wish they had a clock on this site counting down to the first game.

Not a bad Idea. Cant be that big of a deal. The Als countdown to the next game all the time as do a few other teams

57 days 17 hours 39 minutes and 46 seconds

I mean, if Guinness can have a counter ticking down to the next St. paddy's day...

Click this link.

[url=http://www.montrealalouettes.com//fls/1300/sideline/countdown.html]http://www.montrealalouettes.com//fls/1 ... tdown.html[/url]

By the way ro1313, it's counting till the start of training camp, not the season.

oopps you right!

Well its a start

Excellent Work Third!

Another Training Camp countdown....


scroll down just a tad.

I'm as exticed as heck! can't wait for the new season to start, with or w/o the gades.