55 Yard Line... It really is kind of weird.

I am a huge fan of Canadian football and wouldn't change the rouge, 110 yard field, stripped football, 3 downs, etc...


Having a field that is 110 yards long with the centre being the 55 yard line is kind of weird.

na not really weird..ya godda understand

.. a big field makes it easier for the Ministry of Transport snow plows to manouver when they have to clear the yard markers during late Fall blizzards.

Well it's gotta stay there.

The CENTRE line can't be at the 44! :wink:

Maybe a little wierd but be happy they don't change it to metric. :stuck_out_tongue:

Your posting is weird ... you say you wouldn't change the 110 yard field but find that the centre being 55 yard line is weird ... what would you propose centre to be if the field is 110 yards in length?

Well, it either has “55” on the field or it has the dreaded “C.” I think anything that helps folks in understanding what is a multiple of two is a good thing. LOL

Oski Wee C,

I'm just saying that... if you really think about it the centre would make more sense being the 50 yard line. Half of 100. 100 just seems like a much more symetrical (spelling?) number. BUT... with 20 yard end zones it DOES make sense to have a 150 yard field rather than having a 140 yard field (if you got rid of the 55).

Either way... our field is STILL better than the 120 yard field down south.

I believe that the dimensions come from the rugby field as played in the 19th century. Sometime early this century the US clubs downsized their fields from 110 to 100 yards. In Canada we kept up with what the Brits were doing and held to 110 yards for rugby and football.

Now why the rugby field was 110 yards is ANOTHER question! :smiley:

What's interesting is that in the US the rugby field is still 110 yards. I presume that football changed its field dimensions to differentiate itself from rugby. Any football historians out there?

Fortunately, Ivor Wynne Stadium has a bold white letter C on the centre line
and you don't actually see the number 55 or it would be even weirder for you

and many Americans who might accidently 'surf' by a CFL football game on T.V. :slight_smile:

If you were to convert yards to metres, the centre line would be approximately the 50 metre line. I don't mind metric at all but not in FOOTball and golf. :smiley:

Pat Lynch(the old guy in section VII)

I grew up with Canadian football playing in high school and watching a lot on TV, one is at the 50 yd mark and the other 55. Both the same to me.

One great thing about the CFL field is the deep 20 yard end zones. Lots of room for getting open and catching TD's.

I wish we had 25 yard deep end zones the way they used to be until the Vancouver dome came along and wouldn't accommodate it. QBs could throw long bombs in the red zone... the whole offensive arsenal was available.

I'm pretty sure the old old astro turf from Ivor Wynne was from the 25 yard EZ era. The stuff they replaced in 91. It was marked for 20 the last few years they used the turf but was deeper than the next turf or the current field turf.

Width of the Canadian field is more important than the end zones, even if they were 15 yards there would be no appreciable decline in scoring IMHO.

Not sure about that. I have seen many TD's caught right on the back line in the end zone. If it was shorter those kind of TD's would really decline as the route couldn't be stretched as far. Slotback post routes need that deep zone.