If I won the 649 last night, I'm buying the Hamilton Tiger Cats! Then I'm going to obliterate the salary cap (get a stern talking to) and bring Jeff Garcia back. And the house cleaning won't stop there!

Geez... you scared me. When I saw the title of your topic, I thought you'd say you found a copy of the Eskimos payroll... phew!

I won $5.00 last night.
OOps I meant to say “Riders are worth $5.00!”

loll :lol: :lol: :lol: ........SASKARGO :smiley: ..........how about those ARGOS!!!!!!?????

And if that Canadian tail back , JEFF , runs like he did against MONTREAL tonight VS. HAMILTON...AVERY, could be gone!!!! :wink: :smiley:

Thanks hellothere!!!
Yes Avery will be gone!!!All we have to do is get rid of Austin.
If Ottawa wins this week.I will be cheering for them against my Argos next week.Well only if we win tonight.
If Ottawa wins their last 2 games,and riders lose their final game.That would be sweet.It would be almost as good as a Grey cup.
Allen looks like he did last year going into the playoffs.He is focused.
I think this will be his last year.Next year we will get Maas,Dickenson,or Printers.I'm glad our owners care about us Argo fans.

We should get......... 35 ,000 + tonight. :smiley:

We have that ......WENDY's kick for a MILLION contest. :roll: 50 yards is a long , FG. :wink:

ALLEN , could go passed 5000 yards , [he needs just 257 yards]

And he also could pass , WARREN MOON 's , all time passing record , as well.

I agree. I want the ARGOS to win tonight and OTTAWA to win their next 2 games. :wink: :smiley:

Are the Esks payroll the highest in the league for sure? I thought the joke was that The Argos set the payroll with their spending??!??

I just got an email from the Argos. They claim that due to overwhelming demand for tickets, they're offering exclusive tix in the baseball press box and on the field behind the player benches. Catch is, if you go for the field seats, you can't have any booze. Tix for both of these sections are going for $90 a pop at the box office. So by the sounds of it, we might be getting over 40,000 for the game tonite.

One more thing of note..actually, more like a disclaimer.

As mentioned in previous posts, I'm one of the finalists in the Fritos Fandemonium Ultimate Fan contest for the Argos, which will also be decided at the game tonight. The disclaimer is: I WILL NOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DIP IN TSN'S RATINGS WHEN MY MUG IS ON THE AIR. :lol:

mongo, are there many fans per team in the Fritos contest? If so, how will we know which one is you?

I know I'm up against 2 others, for certain, but there could be as many as 5 finalists per team. I'll be the nut..er, fan with the 2004 GC Champs hat, a circa 1993 replica Argos helmet, and one flag as a cape and another tied to an oar..oh yeah, and my face will be painted with a blue A and the rest of the face will be painted white

Good luck! I'll be rooting for you (though not for your Argos.)

A trip to the Grey Cup would be fantastic, especially with it being out in Vancouver!

I'll also be rooting for that guy kicking for a million bucks. They said on TV yesterday that he was putting them through from 40 yards out, and just missed one from 50. Sounds like he's got a shot.

Good Luck Mongo.
If your against that Argo fan who is always on T.V. you will win.
Please win.If you do win say thanks to Saskargo for cheering from the West!!!

i heard he made 7 out of 15 from 50 yrds

I’d start a message thread about my displeasure as to how the Argos’ winner for Fandemonium was decided, but the topic I’d put would lead to immediate deletion; so I’ll just vent here.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I did the best that I could. I dressed the part and I said my sphiel. However, when the winner was a guy who orchestrated the biggest cluster**** this side of a wrestling main event, saying I was browned off would be the biggest understatement since the whole “the refs screwed up” debate.

The guy who won, before he did his bit, he was handed out flyers which contained lyrics to the Double Blue’s fight song (one I’ve never heard before, and I’ve been going to games since 1980). In doing so, he bribed these people with buttons so they could be his background vocalists when he did his shtick.

Now, if memory serves me right, when you submitted your photos online for this contest, the rules stated that you had to be the ONLY identifyable person in the pic. Shouldn’t the same rule apply when you actually do your “audition”? The end result was a guy who bent, if not broke, the rules to score the trip to Vancouver. Needless to say, this is the biggest pile of BS south of Bay & Queen (or Queen’s Park, depending on your locale du crap). :x

But at least, I did get to see the guy nail the 50 yarder for the million. So it wasn’t a total loss.

Mongo I think I saw you on TSN.
Are you not the guy who said we will see you in Vancouver!!
Better luck next year Mongo.We all know you are a die hard Argo fan!!!

I don't know exactly how much of my promo-a-go-go they showed, but here's what I spewed in its entirety:

"Welcome to the greatest gridiron action around today!
This isn't the Arena League,
This isn't the NFC,
This isn't the AFC,
This isn't even NFL Europe.
This is the C-F-L!
Vancouver, get ready, 'cause the Mongonaut and the Argos are going into BC Place and we're coming out STILL the Grey Cup Champs. November 27, one month from now, the Revolution continues! ARRRRRRRRGOOOOOSSSS!!!"

Now, can you honestly say that the cluster**** that won is better than that promo? Looks like those at Frito-Lay and TSN have their collective heads shoved so far up their posteriors they could see out of their mouths.

Will I do it again next year for the GC in Winnipeg? Hard to say at this point of juncture. When you've tried every year and lost to some of the more insipid creations around (a broom handle in 2003 and a cardboard boat last year), it makes you wonder if it would even be worth it. I'm just surprised I didn't totally snap and started braining people with my oar. :twisted: