#53 Bring him back in black!!!

Interesting Article in todays spec Bottom line he is ready and willing to retire a Ticat at a much reduced$$ salary this guy can still play!! he does have a Ring from last year, is in good health,can still play at a high level and has bigtime LEADERSHIP AND EXPERIENCE in the CFL he is not over the hill, I bet he could come in and get a sack his first game back!!!

Injuries no problem bring in a guy the fans love!!! want to sell out call

#53 BACK IN BLACK ASAP :rockin:

Why not.

I would love to see Joe back but I am not paid to be a pro football coach. Maybe the coaches know something we don't Maybe Joe has lost a step or two. We have to put our faith in the coaching staff.

My how quickly we forget things that were said...

what do you mean by this??

Joe has done so much for this team and this community. He can still make a difference both on the field and in the stands. BRING HIM BACK!

I dont have official quotes so i wont assume, although im sure many remember Joe saying things that offended Ticat fans when he was traded.

NO!, hes a whiner, and once he finds out he wont be starting in a couple weeks he'll taunt and rant abuot how hes getting screwed and cry some more.

not to add it would probably not be to fair to cotton, hes work hard all offseason and training camp and we know who the better DE is.

When the argument was that Cotton and Cheatwood are better to have around than Joe, I was onside. Now that the same argument is implicitly being made about Walker and Josue, I think it's a lot more debatable, to say the least. Youth and depth are great, but only if the young backup has the potential to be great in this league. If not, then it was really a waste of time to keep them around.

I'm not saying our current D-line back-ups lack this potential, since I've never really watched them play. But if they don't end up as solid starters in this league, then hindsight will show we should have brought Joe in. He can help us now, if not in the future. Can the young'ns help us ever? Guess we'll see. Collier has proven a few things in this league.

First off:
Collier and Cheatwood aren't exactly rookies in this league....


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